Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preparedness Tips from the Cox Household

As of late, the BF and I have been preparing ourselves for what we call "when the shit goes down." So far this has meant getting 72 hour kits put together. The many hours spent doing this have been frustrating for us but I think possibly entertaining for others. And I have learned quite a lot about preparedness from our conversations. Most of them went like this:

BF: Why are packing us cheap hotel shampoo?
Me: When the shit goes down do you really think we are going to care what kind of shampoo we have to use? No we will just be happy to have it.

Me: I would really like a purple sleeping bag.
BF: No, when the shit goes down, you're going to want to blend in to the ground or the trees or something. You're getting green.
Me: When the shit goes down we're going to have to sleep in trees?
BF: You never know. But that reminds me that we need to get walkie talkies.
Me: Sleeping in trees reminds you of walkie talkies?

Me: You aren't going to pack all of those clothes are you? You're bag will be to heavy for you to carry.
BF: You're right,and when the shit goes down, I probably won't care what I have to wear.

Me: Let's not forget to put some cash into our bags.
BF: When the shit goes down, is cash really going to be worth anything? What we need are some chickens and moonshine, people will trade anything for chickens and moonshine.
Me: Well this list says we should have some cash and some quarters to make phone calls.
BF: Pay phones don't even exist now, they aren't going to exist when the shit goes down.

I feel completely prepared and completely unprepared at the same time. Thank goodness the shit isn't going to go down till October.