Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spider Webs may cause flash backs

This morning, as I was taking out the trash, I noticed a black widow spider web. Staring at the weeds and little flowers and bits of debris that had gotten caught in this web, I had one of those moments that send you spiraling into the past to a distant memory from what seems like another life. You know like on tv when someone is trying to remember who they are cause their memory was stolen by the CIA or something and one little thing tips them off, like a balloon floating in the sky and suddenly they remember everything. It was sort of like that, but I remember who I am and my life, or do I? Maybe I'm being tricked and I really used to be a CIA agent. Anyway my point is, this spider web reminded me of a time a while back, how far back I can't remember but it was a while ago, and I was outside with the nanny boys. I pointed out to them a black widow web and said "you can tell it's a black widow web cause there is no pattern and it's a bit chaotic" and Alex asked why they were called black widows. I answered with "well they are black and they eat their men." And Trevor pipes in with this funny and fairly true statement "That's why their webs are so crazy, cause women go crazy when there are no men around. And well if she eats her man, she is twice as crazy." Hahaha at the time, I thought hmm that's funny and probably laughed about it a little and then thought nothing of it. And then being reminded of that today, I thought about this comic book/ graphic novel series thing I had read about all the men dying all at once and in that book, the women really did go a bit crazy. So there you have it, the wisdom of a child, women go crazy without men around.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Trip Needed More Nacho Cheese

Just some tidbits from my recent excursion across the U. S.. First of all, we drove. A lot. And then there was a car accident, this was not so fun. I get a new car though so that's cool. And then we drove some more. Then we finally made it to my aunt's house in Tennessee. Then we saw some cool things, like history things. And then we camped and I saw huge fireflies. And then we drove some more, all the way to Nauvoo. And that is where I filled my car's engine with water. But then we finally made it home, and that was awesome.

Also we had two way radios in our cars and sometimes we would pick up some conversations from other radios. Our favorite was: Trucker 1 "Hey Robbie"
Trucker 2 "Yeah?" Trucker 1 "You know how I sweat a lager?" Trucker 2 "Yeah, I know that." Trucker 1 "I'm gonna bottle that up and sell it." Trucker 2 "I think that's a good idea." Trucker 1 "Yeah I'm gonna call it ksjklfjsdkgjsk" And that is where we lost it. I wish I knew what he is going to call his sweat liquor.

I have some pictures to show you but I don't feel like loading them now, but some day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

VOTE Tomorrow!!!!

Oh hey friends, long time. I know you all are just about to die if you don't hear about my trip soon and I will get to that, eventually. But first we have more important matters at hand. Tomorrow is the Primary elections for the Senate seat that used to be held by Bob Bennett, and for all my friends who rely on me to figure out who we should all vote for (and you know who you are and really I am fine with it cause I like this stuff and like telling people what they should do) I am here to tell you who you should vote for. That man would be Tim Bridgewater. I openly admit to having a slight celebrity/ politician sort of weird crush on him, and a lot of that has to do with his raspy husky voice and the way he looks right into your eyes when he's talking to you. But I also truly believe he is the man for the job right now. He has real life experience, he is incredibly sincere, and he knows what he is talking about. (Plus his wife is completely adorable and not to say that the other guys wife isn't, I just haven't met the other guy's wife so I can't say if she's adorable or not). So remember, go VOTE tomorrow and vote for Tim cause I said so.