Saturday, February 28, 2009

To Do List

Item 1: Tell everyone how much you love your cutie blog. I love my blog and I think it is so cute and I am so glad I finally figured out how to make it cute.
Item 2: Try to sleep in but fail.
Item 3: Make fun of a girl I don't know, but have heard all sorts of dirty things about.
Item 4: Make up a name for said whore. "Horby Drops her pants a lot"
Item 5: Try on half of Steph's clothes.
Item 6: Mail rent Checks. Boo I hate this one.
Item 7: Spend morning at the computer lab making a roll for your FHE group.
Item 8: While at computer lab, waste time on blogs and facebook before making roll.
Item 9: Lunch
Item 10: Nap
Item 11: Feed ducks the loaf of bread that my neighbor brought me and it was delicious but I can't eat anymore.
Item 11: Spend the rest of the day laying around and watching TV and daydreaming about cowboys while waiting for Steph to get home.

Saturday is a special day and I am glad to say I am half way through my list already and its not even 11 yet.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ramble On

Here I will tell you the never ending circle of thoughts that often lead me to forgetting things, feeling confused, and make blurbs of sentences that do not make any sense come out of my mouth. I will start by saying one thing that is one my mind and just go with it. Sometimes Mr. Harwood would do this to us in English, he would give us one word and then let us write down everything that came to mind. I loved it. Ants. I just wagged a 2 hour battle in my bosses kitchen against ants that have taken over. I hate ants and bugs of any kind really. Cleaning ants off a counter is disgusting and I hate feeling like they are crawling all over me. Where do they even come from and why is this 409 not killing them. If a human drank a bottle of it they would die, why is it not working on these ants? Remember that episode of Criminal Minds the other night when the lady killer was poisoning her victims and then she drank the rat poison herself just when they were about to arrest her. That was a good one, if I were ever to be murdered I would hope that they would not bury me alive, or make me drink poison. I for sure do not want to die by something being jabbed in my eye. Why am I thinking of ways to die? I watch too many 1000 ways to die show and murder shows. Stupid ants. Aunts I like aunt Bonnie and Aunt Chris, why are they the only ones I call aunt in front of their names? Man last night on ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew) I loved Quest Crew. Those little Asian boys are so cute, I hope they win. Boy am I tired. And I still feel like I have ants crawling on me. I can not wait til I can go home and shower. Hooray its the weekend. And I am done. This is fun for me to ramble on. Another thing I keep thinking is I think I am over it the whole ex-BF thing. Sure I still think he is a total idiot but I don't care. Am I ready for another relationship? No way but I could go for a series of NCMO's (non committal make outs) but no one tell my mom I said that. Hooray its Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Dwarfs and Sometimes Giants

Here in St. George, spring comes about a month earlier than everywhere else in the state and that means allergy season does too. It all started a couple of days ago, a sneeze here, a sneeze there, no big deal. Yesterday, more sneezing, watery eyes, and a slight running of the nose, thought nothing of it. I won't be BASHFUL about telling you all how I feel or how I feel about it. I love spring, spring makes me very HAPPY, but the allergies that come with it make me GRUMPY. I don't go to the DOC for it or take medicine for them. Every allergy medicine, even if its non drowsy, makes me SLEEPY and a bit DOPEY. It puts me into an even bigger fog than the pressure behind my eyes does. So for 3 months, sometimes longer, I just have to put up with the sinus headache and just deal with being SNEEZY. Mostly they are just dwarfs of a problem but some days, they are giants. Today they are giants of a problem. Ha I thought this was so cheesy and clever of me. Bashful and Doc were the hardest ones to work in and I think are the ones that make it so cheesy. The rest I could have used and no one would have even thought anything of it I bet.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Weekend

Friday morning, i get a text from a friend of mine who has been down lately and he suggest we go to California this weekend. I say OK and he says great but my tires are bad lets take your car. OK but my bank account is bad lets use your money and I'm not gonna kiss you so don't even think to try anything, he says OK. At 1 o'clock on Friday afternoon we're off, we get to Cali about 6 their time and get a room and then decide to go to a movie and to dinner. So we saw Taken, so so good BTW and we eat at olive garden. The next morning, after watching 3 hours of One Tree Hill and deciding it is too cloudy to go to the beach we decide to go to a zoo. The zoo in Vegas to be exact. What a sad little zoo it is, all it really has are a bunch of birds and pigeons. Gross. They did have 2 lions and an alligator and some other animals that were given to them by the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo sends them their animals to "retire" aka to die. That zoo really did make me sad. But we did get free cake cause one of the animals was turning 17 or something. We are awesome for driving to Cali just to do dinner and a movie. It was a nice, funny get away and he didn't try anything so that was a big plus. But now he isn't talking to me so maybe he is bugged that I really didn't actually put out at all. Ha oh well. Oh yeah, last week at the ballet, which was awesome, I ran into ex-BF's mom. It was so so nice to see her and she said that they all missed me and that ex-BF's nieces and nephew were calling him the dump truck. Hahaha I loved that so much and I know that no one needs to pick sides but I like that his family would pick mine. I just loved it and seeing her, I really do miss that family.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Jealous

My cousin Stacee informed me that you can get a ticket for texting if you get pulled over or something like that. Can I just say WTF? Who are the people who make the laws anyway? I will tell you who they are. They are grumpy old people that just want to get revenge on us because we are young and advanced and know how to use technology. I bet the day they made this law was the same day they ran out of prune juice on capitol hill. I guess it is nice to be safe but come on I've got to stay connected. My texts to my BFF's about last nights 90210 are very important and if I did not have those discussions about how much I hate myself for being addicted to the Secret Life of the American Teenager, that pent up frustration with that stupid show that I love/hate would be taken out on the other drivers in the form of a little something I like to call Road Rage. What is next? Are they going to tell me I can't play Tetris on my phone while I am going to the bathroom because I end up sitting there much longer than is really needed and thats not safe for other bathroom go-ers? Haha I just laughed right out loud at myself for writing this.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let the Music Play

My ipod is having heart flutters. It is slow and doesn't play all of my songs. It is making this awful awful noise and freezes often. I am having such a hard time without the soundtrack of my life always playing in the background. I am afraid it is going to have a heart attack and die. I have tried resetting it many times. I have let it die and then recharged it, nothing is working and I can't find my warranty stuff, not to mention I am not sure if I ever filled out the paper work stuff so that it is under warranty. Eunice(what I named my Ipod when I first plugged it in) I am sorry for all the times I dropped you and lost you and almost washed you in the washing machine. Please forgive me and do not RIP yet. I can't live without you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to the Real World

Welcome back. The long weekend, which I didn't really have cause I had to work yesterday, is over and its back to the daily grind. Friday night I joined Steph and her Bio girls for a nice Mamma Mia party, we ate, and we danced, and laughed and it was so fun I am glad I tagged along. This weekend was fun, after a valentine's breakfast with my BFF and E, we both headed up north. She was going to Perry to see her family and I was going to Richfield to see mine. That being said, we had to take separate cars, but until the junction, it was like we were riding together. The roads were wet, but nice and mostly we were the only ones on the road so we did this.

Its not a very good one but, this is a picture of me driving, with my window down going 75 ish and we were shouting back and forth to each other. Now I have done this on every other type of road out there but never on the freeway. Boy was it fun, mostly we ended up having to text each other cause it was hard to hear but that made it even more fun. What an adventure. Not watching the road, yelling at another drive on the road, texting, and taking pictures all while driving, why do we still have our drivers licenses? After we shouted goodbye at the junction, I finally made it home and had a blast wandering around town with my mom and my little sister. After that, I watched some TV with my mom and dad. My dad fell asleep on one shoulder and I fell asleep on the other, what a lucky mom, both shoulders covered in drool. Sunday was church, me breaking my parents computer, a good dinner and then back on the road. My ipod is currently not working, sad I had to listen to the radio, but I found a radio station that reads short stories to you. I got to listen to 1 1/2 short stories before I lost the station and I felt like an old person, but I quite enjoyed it. Yesterday was work and FHE, where I challenged this weird boy to a push up challenge, I won by ten. He did 51 I did 61, that's right I am buff. And tonight is the ballet with Steph and the bio girls. Love life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope it is well with all and that we are all spreading the love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Thursday? Already?

What in the world its Thursday already? Man where have I been sleeping, oh wait I haven't been. Last night, my neck and back were hurting so so bad I barely slept a wink. And this morning my neck is still stiff and sore, and to make matters worse I saw a pregnant lady first thing at work. Now this pregnant lady is named Debony and is a former nanny of my boss family, 3 or 4 years ago, on my first trip to Hawaii, she and her husband joined us. Now she and have bonded and I now consider her a friend, but I did not know she was expecting her second child and I was bamboozled when I arrived to find her 8 months deep. Pregnant people freak me out, but she is having a girl so that is fun. I like them because she and her husband Russ laugh at everything I say. I always feel so good about myself when they come around. Wow I am in a fog, nothing makes sense. Hooray that the week is almost over and I am one week closer to Kauai!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't Breathe

I am so stinkin excited I can not breathe. My lady boss just told me we are going to Hawaii March 12th through the 25th. And maybe Steph, my bff and e will come too. Oh my gosh I love today. I knew this week was going to be good. Only 29 days til paradise. Woot Woot.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Acronyms used to be hated be me. Now I am becoming a fast fan. I still hate LOL I think that is dumb, its just as easy to say haha and that shows that you really are laughing. My favorite acronym of late has been BTFO: Back the Eff off. I use this whenever and I find that it suits me in most situations. Another thing I like to say lately is Do not tell me my business. You know some gangsta's like to say don't tell me my bizzness, all full of flair and attitude. I prefer to say it very proper like and it makes me laugh. Today is Lady bosses birthday and so for her birthday lunch we ate at a place called Players sports grill. I had chicken fettuccine alfredo and a bad stomach ache because of it. I don't want to go into too much detail but an hour after we had left lunch I had been to the bathroom 3 times. To add to my uncomfortableness, I decided to eat some deviled eggs. Probably the worst idea I have had in a long time. Almost 5 hours have past since lunch and I still feel as though I am in the verge of puking. I swore to myself that after the roller coaster week I had last week, this week was going to be nothing but ups. After a run in the cold, sharp, stabbing rain this morning, and a bad case of food poisoning this afternoon I think my week is definitely on the right roller coaster track of only ups.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Story of a Butthole

I am sorry if this doesn't make sense, its a bit of a rant and I just went where my mind took me. A couple of nights ago, ex-BF dropped by to give me a scarf his mom had made for me. I told him to thank his mom and was then ready for him to leave. He went on talking and said I am sorry for dragging things out. It just made it harder and I am sorry I should have handled things better. I just gave him a yeah you're dumb stare, and he went on. "I just don't want things to be weird for us when we see each other, like we can wave and be friends" I continue with my stare. So he says "Don't you think?" And I say "I don't have to" He says "You're right you don't" I Say "I know" and then the awkward silence. He starts to make small talk and I continue to stare til he leaves. After he leaves, I send him a text telling him I think he is a real jerk and where does he gets off. Anyway after several texts back and forth he informs me that he drug things out so that I would realize that we weren't right for each other and then the breaking up would be mutual, and I could get over it easier, he didn't want to crush me. So I say "well how does it feel that I am crushed anyway and your stupid plan did not work?" He says well that's why I apologized but I am getting the drift that you only think bad about me. I say "It is so easy for you to say lets be friends and forgive, because you never invested feelings or anything into our relationship and you never thought of us as anything more than that anyway." He says "Well I just don't want you to hate me." He watched me cry over and over, every time he sat there and put down me and everything I did and I would say why don't you just end it? and he would tell me I hope that things will get better. What kind of person lets someone think that they are in a relationship that they have no interest in, but they sit there and let that someone work and invest time and feelings into something they are just dragging out. What he calls waiting for you to realize, I call being a complete jerk to me and letting me spend time and energy and feelings, pushing me to my breaking point, til I finally had had enough and was the one that ended it. Well buddy, you really must have honestly thought that admitting you strung me along and played with my emotions for the majority of our relationship would make things better, that giving me one cheap apology would make us friends. I have news for you, you thought me ignoring at church you was bad, wait til I start flipping you off in the halls. I am sorry that I don't find what you did very heroic but thank you for admitting and giving me one more example of how big of an ass and coward you really are. The best part is that he honestly, truly believes that he did the right thing, he did me a huge favor, stringing me along like that. What a world class jerk.

Happy Half Birthday to Me!

Happy happy half birthday to me, to me. I love it tonight is dinner at red robin, where I will fill out the form to get a free meal on my birthday birthday and then He is Just Not That Into you! I can not wait and I only hope this day goes quick. Hooray for the weekend!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let No One Shirk

I can not remember how to spell shirk? Anyway, today my arm and back hurt from the dumb leaf blower. Yesterday I was walking on and in the sunshine and loved it. Today I could throw up on someones face, I have not had an appetite all day which sucks cause I really love food. So I force myself to eat something and now I feel sick, and its cloudy outside but hooray tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We all Have Work

I signed myself up to do some volunteering at the temple grounds this morning. Last night and this morning I was hating myself for that moment of do good ism that I had 3 Sundays ago. So I get up and go, I was the only person to show up. Being that it is winter, there really isn't much to do, so I was paired up with the little old lady volunteer and we fed the roses rose food, while her husband went at the stray leaves with a leaf blower. At about 9:30, another volunteer showed up and he went to help the husband. Once the roses had had their fill and my hands had been thoroughly scraped (forgot to bring gloves) it was my turn with a leaf blower. I had no idea they were so stinking heavy and required so much muscle use, if I had known this I would not have done the million push ups the night before. My already sore arms just got even more sore and then it was time for the raking. I could cry my body hurts so bad. Complaining done with, it was the best time I have had in a long time. It was such a great way to start my day and I love old ladies and the peacefulness of the temple grounds. It was a nice escape, walking around the temple while struggling to carry a bucket of rose food. Its nice to do volunteer work, it really is its own reward.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God Bless America

What is more patriotic than getting up at 6:50 to get a free breakfast at Denny's?
I love this country and free food. Steph and I saw the commercial for the free grand slam day while watching the super bowl and we thought now what kind of Americans would we be if we passed up free food? So we decided then and there that we would be getting food before work/school and what a fun time we had. We thought the earlier we get there the better. Boy were we surprised when we got there at 7 and still had to wait for an hour before we were seated. And then the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen was seated in the booth across from us. I couldn't even glance at him for if I did I would stare. Oh my I think I am in love. The food was so delicious for being free and I think I am going there for lunch since it will be free til 2. I only wish I knew this mystery boy because really his blue eyes have pierced my soul and I love him. Haha I must be in 7th grade.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Finally January is over! That is all I can think about. I think that this month will be bomb diggity. My half birthday is on Friday! Woot Woot! I plan on going to see HJNTITY, He's just not that into you. Man oh man I can not wait. Hooray for living to be 22 and one half.