Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Reason I like BF

Me: Boyfriend, what should we do tomorrow?
BF: I don't know darlin, (I love when he calls me that) it's your birthday month, you decide.
Me: Well birthday month doesn't really start until Sunday
BF: Who gives a s@#!, we'll start a few days early, f@#$ it. It's your birthday month starting tomorrow.
Me: I think I love you
BF: I know, baby

He is probably the best boyfriend and please forgive his language, he's from the south.

Monday, July 26, 2010

This Man is Mine and He's Awesome

So I now have a boyfriend. His name is Stephen J. Cox. But you know me and you know that from here on out he will be called boyfriend or BF. Why do I like having this man as my boyfriend? I will tell you why, it is because of this conversation:

Me : I love Snoop Dogg
BF: You and he have a lot in common. You both like to vacuum. You are both black, you like singing with Katy Perry. And you are both amazing rappers. And you're both super chill and cool. I think you were friends in another life.
Me: You complete me.
BF: I know, baby.

I am not making this up either. This conversation took place on the way home from Mesquite where he let me gamble with his money and I got to keep my winnings, all 60 bucks of winnings.