Monday, September 24, 2012

Gratitude now!

Serenity now! Serenity now! But I feel more like gratitude now, gratitude now! Why? Because I feel ungrateful lately, evident in the way I whined about my quesadilla falling apart when I was trying to eat it, at least I have a quesidilla to eat. Have you noticed I don't know how to spell quesedilla? Yeah well I'm an English major not a Spanish major. Anyhow, things I'm grateful for: 1: A good and loving God 2: My good looking, good cooking husband 3: the opportunity to go to school (got to keep repeating that one to myself) 4: a car that runs like a kitten purr, or however the saying goes 5: the opportunity to be humbled, not that I am wishing for that fyi I'm just grateful for the growth it brings 6: the mountains and going for hikes with the man 7: making my shirt into a bag to carry pine cones home in, we call that ingenuity 8: fresh veggies from my uncles garden 9: healthy ways to keep my pits from stinking to high heaven (I don't trust deordorant, it's poison) 10: and again my ever patient and loving husband. I could go on but I have a paper to write. (Serenity now!)