Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AHOY! I figured it out!

I have been in the dumps because people keep saying that summer is over. This statement makes me cry. Yes I know the leaves are changing and that its chilly outside but I still refuse to admit that summer is over. I hate that I am cold when I go outside today, why can't I live in Hawaii? I don't know but I pretty much hate it. I always think oh I live in St. George it won't be so bad. No it is bad! I despise the cold and everything about it. I get it summer is over, now bring it back already!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My math homework, that I have been ignoring for a month and trying to tackle 2 lessons at a time, is DONE! And 2 days early, I was so stressed about having it done today that when I found out that its not due til Thursday I just giggled myself silly. I don't have any math homework to do this evening or tomorrow evening. How fantastic is that?!!! I know it is my own fault that it piled up and I won't let it happen again. I am just so stinkin happy I am going to get myself a cupcake. But my happiness still hasn't made my week much better so far and I know I'm not the only one having a bad day or week for that matter. I wish everyone love and luck with this week. I just hope it gets over soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The World is Heavy

WARNING! This may get preachy. Lately I have been in the dumps or the grumps. I wish I could say it was because I am about to start my period, but I can't. The world that I carry on my shoulders has seemed quite heavy lately. At first this post was going to be a pity me story, and I had been typing at it for about an hour but while writing it I had a realization so I erased it and started over. My realization was this, I am being humbled and the world is being humbled. I, like so many other people, am stressed, worried, and disappointed with everything going on in the world and my own life. Listing, over and over again, the things that I have to be stressed about my mind kept saying "you aren't the only one" to which I would say back "but my problems are the ones that matter most". After a while of this arguing with myself, a thought entered my mind. I thought, you are being awful prideful thinking your problems are the only ones that matter. This thought sparked a series of thoughts about the pride cycle. I came to the conclusion that I am being humbled, and the world is being humbled. Things are hard and we have all been forced to look back to the basics and what's important. For most people, that's family. I believe that even in families that aren't religious, if they are kind to each other and doing their best to fulfill their rolls, God is at the center of that family unit because families are sacred and important. I may be wrong, so don't quote me on it, but that is what I think. Does this understanding make me feel better? Only slightly. Being humbled is hard and painful, but it is what I need, it's what the world needs. I am probably late on coming to this realization, I am sure most of the world has figured this out already and what does that say about me? That I really am prideful and ignorant. Well there it is, my little speech from the pulpit.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My cousin is funny and said that my saying young girls should just run out and have sex made her laugh. I am glad I can make her laugh but I feel I should clarify. I do not think young girls should run out and have sex just because they are horny little buggers. I do think that a lot of people get married just because they want to have sex and to them I say " Stop. Step back. Think this through. Do you want to be with this person for eternity? Or are you just tired of having to say stop touching my boobs, and the fights that this can bring on?" I have been in this situation. When I first moved to college, I was dating a boy named Chace, we liked to push things to the limit sometimes and we thought well maybe we should get married. Instead, we discovered that wanting to touch each others boobs does not mean love. I let him touch my boobs once (don't tell my mom) and quiet frankly, I just got mad at him even more. And then he got mad at me for saying hey never mind I don't want that. That showed me that it was him and not just my sexual frustration that annoyed me to no end. Now we didn't take it as far as sex and actually I think we kept it pretty clean but I still think that if someone wants to be married so they can do sexy time then just do sexy time or something close to it before you commit your whole life to someone for forever and ever and ever. And I know not everyone will agree with me and that's fine. I also encourage the practice of safe sex. When it comes to condoms, put 2 on. Hahaha just kidding, that is in a song, and it also increases the chances of it breaking. So don't do that. Hahahahaha I am so funny. Please no one take offense, you all know I like to joke.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cranky Pants

I do not feel well, I'm tired, and tired of wearing pants. Today I am miss cranky pants and here is a list of what I blame it on: staying up too late this weekend, getting up too early this weekend, laughing real hard all day everyday this weekend, so now I am cranky to balance it out. My relentless sweet tooth that never leaves me alone, 19 year old girls, that I have met once, then add me on facebook so I can read how they get engaged, then breakup, then get back together, then break up again with their 28 year old boyfriends all in the course of two months. Go to therapy and call it quits for good cause obviously your relationship is not going to work, we all know it, you just can't seem to see that breaking up 3 times in a month is bad for a relationship. Also stop trying to rush into marriage just to have sex, if you want sex that bad, just do it.In my opinion, its better than getting yourself into a marriage for eternity with someone you don't even know. Also having to wear clothes right now is making me so annoyed, I just pulled my pants down to my ankles so I am really hoping no one walks in on me right now. The biggest thing I blame my crankiness on, is the headache, slight dizziness, and unsettled stomach that I have been dealing with the last two days. Plus I have no appetite. What a sucky thing, I am cranky cause I haven't eaten but I don't want to eat cause then I feel like I'll throw up. Aaauugghh! I hate today, I feel like my Monday came a day late. On the up side, I have been telling people I have swine flu, then they stay away and leaving me alone. Hahahaha when I spell checked this, it said Aaauugghh was supposed to be egghead. I don't know why but I thought that was real funny.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lessons Learned

School has been in session for almost a month now and I already feel smarter. I'd like to share with you some of the lessons I've learned this semester.

#1: If you are going to choose to be a hitch hiker, don't have pets. Far fewer people will pick you up if you have a big stinky dog.

#2: TI-84 calculators do a lot of cool things. The most fun thing to do with them though, is to rite notes back and forth with them.

#3: In my pursuit of higher education, I have discovered something very interesting about myself. I despise academics.

#4: When avoiding doing homework, you are at your most creative. The other day, I spent an hour trying to perfect my hand stands so I would not have to do homework.

#5: Wearing flannel when its 101 outside, is not as bad as it sounds.

#6: Zumba is the funnest way to work out.

#7: Also when at Zumba, staring at your instructors 6 pack, remember that your stomach doesn't look that way, so keep your shirt down. Hahaha I learned that the hard way. It is such a disappointment to realize that your stomach doesn't look that way.

#8: Flight of the Concords is a wonderful show but you should not watch it when you are actually trying to accomplish things.

#9: Blogging is also a good way to avoid school work, I'm doing it right now.

#10: Eventually you will have to do homework and it SUCKS. Especially cause I have to go do it now.

I am pleased with the amount of knowledge that I have already attained. I just wish some of it had actually come from classes I am taking.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's been 5 years?

I have been out of high school for 5 years, how weird is that for me? Way! This weekend I enjoyed some time in Gunnison for my 5 year high school reunion. It was great to see a few old friends. The food was enjoyable, the water balloon fight was ok, I was wearing a white shirt and didn't really want to get soaked so what was fun about that was the avoiding getting hit. The Adair twins have real cute kids as do Mindy and Kara. I like that I just talked about a water balloon fight like its a normal, planned thing, which as I remember high school, there were quite a few water balloon fights. Oh Gunnison how I miss thee. All in all I just really enjoyed the reunion and thank you Kara, Mindy, and Sherra for putting it together. Yesterday, I found myself sitting on a mountain eating pie with this boy that I enjoy spending time with. Its real fun to enjoy each other's company in the mountains. Sometimes I try to do my part in stopping the spread of H1N1 by only kissing one man at a time. Like if I am kissing someone then I try to refrain from kissing any one else. Well not this weekend I guess, I feel like I am reliving my first year in college only not so many boys involved just 2 or 3. Ha should I feel guilty about living this way? It's not like I am sleeping with them just kissing, so I don't feel that bad about it. I mean it could be worse and I think I should just enjoy being young and single. Is this the devil speaking through me? Probably but is it fun? Oh yes it is. I know Stacee will have something to say about what a hussy I am, but listen cousin, I remember all the boys you kissed in college. You told me all about it in case you don't remember. I love my life, but sometimes having so much fun, makes me real tired on Mondays.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As all of you know today is 9/9/09. As all of you also know, I love to play games. Today the game is 9. All day I have been doing things in nine. The radio station I listened to today was 99.9, I used the German word for no which is nine. I ate 9 cookies, had lazy time 9 minutes at a time and basically did everything in 9. Its harder than you think. My math homework, I did all the problems involving the number nine first and forgot that I needed to go finish the other ones. I wore 9 articles of clothing, which considering its 101 outside was quite uncomfortable. I sweat all day long for this little game of mine. Do I go too far with these games I play? I thought maybe I did til I decided that tonight I am going to kiss this boy I've been kissing for 99 minutes. Once I decided that, I thought no way do I take this too far. I think I take it to the right place actually. But now I have to go do at least 90 minutes of homework before I can participate in my "extra curricular" activities. Did I mention I have a baby crush on this man? I do, it makes me smile at least 90 times a day. Crushes are fun, I can't remember the last time I had a crush on someone, I sure to like it. Nine(no) I actually REALLY enjoy having a crush and a good kisser at that. 9 game is fun, so is kissing. I can't wait til 9 tonight when I get to kiss for 99 minutes.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear World

My friend Steph once had a blog where she wrote letters to the world. I now have a few letters I would like to write.

Dear Summer,

Please do not leave. I am in a summer ending funk and I don't like it one bit, so you can't go ok.

Yours warmly,

The girl that just wants sunshine and fun.

Dear wildfires,

I get that you like to burn things, that's why you are called fire, but I wish you wouldn't.The smoke gives me a runny nose, headache, and burning eyes. Not to mention the smell of campfire makes me insanely hungry for potatoes for some reason. I also get an intense desire to wear flannel.

With flames of annoyance,

A smokey bear advocate

Dear TI-84 Plus calculator,

Why did you have to cost 95 dollars? I hate spending that much on nerdy things, but especially on nerdy things the size of my head.

Calculating the moment til I get to sell you on craiglist,

A dis liker of statistics

Dear 7 in the morning,

Why do I go to bed so late? Better yet why do you come so early? Maybe you could consider coming more around 9 in the morning. Yeah that would be better for me.

With love,

The bags under Shauntae's eyes

Dear some people on facebook,

It was a friendly debate, I was never riled up, I was never angry. I don't think I even said anything angry, if it came across angry, well that was your choice to take it that way. No one has said that they hate you, so stop playing like people do. Do I agree with you? No. Do I hate you? No. Am I bored with the conversation? Yes, entirely.


A woman who will show you her boobs and not even care, because who does?

Dear clothes I just got form target,

I love you.

Yours fashionably,

The best dressed girls in st george

Dear Holland,

Why won't you pretend with me at the high school reunion that we are together? I think it would be funny to trick some people. And it would be nostalgic for everyone. Just think about it.

Please oh please,

A girl that likes to play tricks

Dear Universe,

Here are some things I would like. An adorable leather messenger bag, for school. My best friend to move back to St. George. Alex to get over his attitude. The man I have been spending time with to be taller than me. A massage, a shopping trip to Vegas, an endless supply of Swedish fish, and a nap. Please note that I did not ask for the moon.

Wishful thinking,

Me, a human being that feels worn out