Thursday, October 30, 2008

P A R T Y cause I Got to

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Tonight I am going to a PARTY with BF at one of his co workers house and I am uber excited. It will be the premiere of my fabulous costume that I made all by myself. One time BF sang that song to me when we were camping cause he was a lazy bum and wouldn't get out of tent and I was outside reading Are you there vodka? Its me Chelsea. So I was sitting outside reading and I hear the beautiful song "All by myself, Don't want to be all by myself" coming from the tent and I just laughed right out loud at how weird my BF is. Anyway so tonight I will look smokin hot as Audrey Hepburne as Holly Golightly. And then tomorrow, Halloween Day! I am going to look smokin hot at our friends Lori and Michelle's halloween party and there I will hopefully win the costume contest prize and I will have a kick A time hanging out with STeph and Ethan. BF has to work early saturday and will have to go to bed early friday so he misses out on the H-Day fun so its nice to have a party to attend tonight so he too can have some H-Day fun. Do not worry all, you will get to see my wonderful costume when I post the pictures on this blog post H-Da fun. Then saturday will be awesome and full of rehearsing for the ward talent show in which I will be performing a belly dance routine and I will be playing Scary Spice with my four other Spicy friends. What a wonderful life I have. Oh I almost forgot. Today I am wearing candy corn leggings:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The kids that I nanny caught a catipillar and put it in a water bottle. I, not knowing what it was picked it up and started shaking it. I thought hmm looks like someone put vodka in a water bottle and forgot to eat the worm. Haha I'm funny is what I thought next. I then figured out it was a catepillar the kids had caught and I put it down thinking it was dead. I mean it was just rolling around in the bottle when I was shaking it. I thought man that is so gross remember to have Kenna throw that out when she gets home. I go back to playing on the computer and a few minutes later I look over and the disgusting thing is trying to climg up the wall of the bottle. Eww gross and now it is just watching me type this. Bugs are gross. On a funnier note, last week Alex couldn't find a toy dinosaur he calls Rexie. He had lost it monday night and on tuesday was so sadd that he couldn't find it and then of course by wednesday it was forgotten about, by him and by me. Well on Friday, I was wiping down the table and I picked up a vase they have in the middle of their table. I look inside and guess who was in there. Thats right Rexie was. It is probably funnier to me because well its my life. It is a funny thing though I mean my BFF and E laughed about it so it can't be that dull. Kids are weird.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Official

Its official folks, I am the Enrichment Queen. So many girls showed up to our enrichment activity and it lasted like two hours wich is way good, and everyone had such a great time. I am so pleased and I feel like I really am well on my way to becoming relief society general president. I only hope next month will be just as awesome. I also made my dress this weekend and its not quite finished all the way but just an hour or so more of working on it and it should be good as gold and I will be one step closer to winning the costume prize. I will post pictures as soon as I can. BF took me to a show called Thriller on friday night out at Tuachann and it was so awesome. Its put on by some dance comapny. I have never wanted to be a zombie or a skeleton so bad in my life. I had no idea the living dead could dance so well. Then on saturday night we went to a thing called ghost tours. Its put on by the St. George community theater company and you walk to different stations and actors tell you ghost stories. And then at the end BF bought me a caramel popcorn ball that was most delicious. I love halloween so much and I can not be any more full of the halloween spirit. Now i am going to google where to find a zombie so I can become one. And maybe I'll see if there is some kind of computer program that lets me upload my picture and then see how rotting flesh will look on me. And I'll need to find where their dance studio is and get to practicing. I wouldn't dare become a member of the living dead not knowing how to rock out to Micheal Jacksons Thriller.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enrichment Queen

Well maybe I will be enrichment queen. Tonight is the first enrichment that I will consider an official enrichment that I lead with the help of Stephanie. We planned for us to decorate cupcakes all spooky like and have some good old halloween fun. I hope it goes well because last enrichment we planned no one came but I blame it on the fact that it was not well advertized. Also tonight is the last night of my belly dancing class. So sad now I have to decide how much I love it and if I want it to be a regular part of my life as well as the extra 85 dollars every 8 weeks. I am going to do a performance for our ward talent show and I think I will use my fans reactions as something to base my decision on. Oh and I have decided to be Audrey Hepburne in the opening credits of Breakfast at Tiffany's, when she is wearing that fabulous dress and looking so good, for halloween. The problem is I can't find a dress that is fabulous enough and so I am going to attempt to sew one and we will just see how it goes. If it goes well I plan on sewing my own clothes from now on just like back in the day. I'll keep you posted. And cross your fingers that I will win the best costume prize at the halloween party I will be attending.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My BFF and E

Today I would like to talk about my Best Friend Forever and Ever/ Sister Wife, but first a run down of my weekend. I totally had a cold and laid around all day on saturday except for the short run that was actually a walk cause I was totally dizzy and couldn't run to save my life. I loved it. I learned how to decorate a house and backyard with lots of HGTV watching and I learned how to solve a crime or committ the perfect murder, I haven't decided which way I want to take that yet, with lots of CSI watching. I also watched a lot of What Not to Wear and I have recruited my BFF and E to nominate me to be on that show. And I watched the Boston Red Sox games only cause BF wanted me and I think I had at least a normal I'm just hanging out watching the baseball game attitude, which I thought would qualify me for Best GF of the Year award but BF totally did not appreciate it or at least did not make know his appreciation of it and I haven't even said anything about his not making known his appreciation of it. Two things I deserve to be nominated GF of the Year for. Now to my BFF and E/Sister Wife. We call each other Sister Wives cause we don't want to be married to the same husband but we would like it if we could be sister wives and live together always. Stephanie Rose Bracken, we met in August 2005 when we moved into the same house togther. We bonded over our hatred of another roommate and we have been best friends ever since. We currently share a two bedroom apartment and really love just having the two of us in our home. We do a lot of fun things together. Among my favorite activities that we do is watching CSI:Miami all sunday afternoon and complaining about the other people in our lives. This past week Steph was in San Diego for a marine biology field trip and yesterday afternoon it was such a joy to listen to her complain about everything she hated about the trip. I just love Stephanie because we laugh at everything. And she is the reason I may never get married, I never have as much fun with anyone else. No offense BF. Stephanie you are my BFF and E/Sister Wife and I love you and thank you for everything, especially the halloween kit kats I ate this morning.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Time No See

Oh my gosh you guys I swear I have been stranded with no internet for like a year, really it was only a week but it felt like a year. A life without internet is no life at all. Not a lot has happened this week though just the regular fencing, belly dancing, my car getting written on at night outside BF's house. Thats right someone wrote on my car BPG with a black marker and I was up til one thirty doing the whole police report thing. BF has the pictures from it so I'll have to post them later but I just want to say I feel like I have been initiatied into the thug community. I have begun wearing my pants around my knees and throwing gang signs at every oppurtunity and saying things like "Man I'm gonna bust a cap in your butt" while throwing a gang sign with one hand and grabbing my crotch with the other. And I am expecting a call any day now from the King of Thugs and the ultimate piece of man, the hunkiest guy on earth a Mr. Channing Tatum. When I get that phone call I imagine he'll say something like "Yo's welcome to the community. Lets meet up ya'll's and I'll show you how to step up" and I will say "You are such a hunk, PLEASE marry me." and to that he will say" Show me your moves first." to which I will gladly comply and I will WOW him with my belly dancing/fencing combo of moves. And we will live happily ever after with the most thugish and beautiful kids in the world with the exception on Brad and Angelina's kids who our kids will have play dates with. Sorry BF, when I get the call from Channing, you're out. I hope you 'll have no hard feelings.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Best and Longest Saturday Ever

Saturday morning I got up to run a 5K and it was very cold outside and my shoe kept coming untied and I wanted someone to drink a cup of bleach. Then I had a lovely morning with my BFF Stephanie and HGTV. That afternoon I went shopping and got myself a wonderful new coat and wonderfully waxed eyebrows. Then I went to Harmons and while there I met Bob and Randy Harmon. I probably shouldn't have been as excited as I was but I loved every minute of it. I meant to have them sign my receipt but I wasn't fast enough. I just got a picture. So it was a wonderful saturday and its not a wonderful monday I want to strangle some certain persons. And I was tagged but I don't feel like doing that right now so maybe later or tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BF Made Me a Cupcake

To start today's post, i'd like to tell about my short lived but incredibly intense drama yesterday. My little brother Cody got lost in the mountains yesterday. My dad and two brothers, Cody included, went up to do some hunting yesterday morning. At about ten Cody got seperated from my dad and my other brother. once my dad relized this they started looking for him, at quarter to three my dad and brother make their way back to the truck to call search and rescue and my mom. At three I get a call from my crying mother telling me that Cody is lost and that I of course need to prayer and repent of all my sins so that he will be found. Which I did, a lot. At 4:30 my mom calls me back and tells me that they found him. Here is the story as told by Cody and my dad. Once back to truck my dad calls search and rescue and they tell him to head down the mountain so that they will at least have a start point, meanwhile Cody is wondering and crying and decides to sit down and pray because crying isn't getting him anywhere. Once finished with his prayer he gets up and starts walking down the mountain and comes across a barbed wired fence so he decides to walk along the fence and does so until he comes across a water thing where he meets three other hunters and their horses. So he stays there with two of the hunters and the other goes out in search of my dad. my dad meets this hunter as he is driving down the mountain and all is good, and they head back up the mountain, after calling my mom and search and rescue, to do some more hunting because it is still light outside. To which I say, men are retards. I'm grateful to have Cody back and I thank whoever it was that helped him find my dad. And BF made me a cupcake. It had candy corn, red sprinkles, chewy spree, mini m&m's, and a lot of frosting on it. I liked it a whole lot and I like him a whole lot. Thank you BF.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ketchup and Potato Salad

This is why I love my job. One day, not too long ago, I was getting ready to do a load of laundry. i opened the washer and found to my surprise, a half eaten pickle and a flip flop. Yesterday, i was cleaning out backpacks and found a bottle of ketchup in Kenna's backpack. "Kenna, why is there a bottle of ketchup in your backpack?" I said. Kenna(11) replied"Huh, I didn't know that was there." " You went through a whole day of school not knowing you had a bottle of ketchup in your backpack?" Then Kenna says " Yeah, weird huh?" Trevor(7) then starts laughing " Hahaha I put that there to trick her." Kids are weird and I laughed a lot. Later that same day I sent Kenna upstairs to clean her room and bathroom. She comes out of her bathroom holding the bottle of ketchup. Trevor again had decided to play some trick on her with the ketchup. I don't know why he chose ketchup to be his little prank of choice, but he did and I have been chuckling about it for the past two days. Another thing that caused me to laugh a whole bunch was this, an empty ice cream container was being used to hold potato salad in it. Alex(4) found this container in the fridge and got it out intending to eat some ice cream. He opens it and in his angry little 4 year old voice, he yells "Who in the world put potato salad in the ice cream?" He was so mad and I just bust up laughing. Kids are weird and I love them and I love my job.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend of Marathon's

This weekend was a whole lot of fun. Saturday morning I went to BF's house to watch the St. George Marathon in which his brother and sister were running. This inspired me to run in the marathon next year. Today I ran 2 miles and I did well at it, now I have 363 days to get to being able to run 26.2 miles well. After the marathon and some good food provided by BF's mom, it was a marathon of conference. I was spiritually stuffed. I enjoyed conference so much this inspired me to become the general relief society president. I am currently enrichment leader in my ward and my plan is to just work my way up to pres. of the ward and then onward. So starting right now i'm going to be super righteous and train to run a "spiritual marathon". Only kidding but I did enjoy conference much. After conference, it was a marathon of baking and cleaning. I made 25 cupcakes to help BF with one of his class projects and then I made apple crisp because I really wanted some. Then a marathon of CSI: Miami and scrapbooking. Please don't tell anyone that I scrapbook. And this morning before work and after my run it was a marathon of home and garden television.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Adventure of the VP Debate

Last night after belly dancing class(thats another blog soon to come), I went to BF's parents house for hamburgers and to watch the VP debate. Sarah Palin kicks butt and I love her to death. I loved watching the debate because BF's dad was cheering so much for Palin and any time Biden would speak, right when he opened his mouth, BF's dad, I'll call him Don, would hit this little bell and say times up. At one point Don got up and started doing a little jig and yelling through something that I don't know what its called saying "Yeah go Sarah! Whoo hoo Sarah!" I really laughed so hard and I almost joined in, but I was trying to hear what Govenor Palin was trying to say. And can I say Go Palin! We have been encouraged by our church leaders to get involved and to study the issues and the canidates. It just makes me crazy when people I know don't care and don't get educated about anything involving the campaign. Get out and vote. Unless you're voting for the mindless guppies called Obama and Biden then you should stay home. In short I had a wonderful night with belly dancing, the debate, and then more belly dancing when I made BF practice with me and my new the art of belly dancing instructional video.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fencing Adventure

Me and my BF(boyfriend) have been taking a fencing class every tuesday night for the last couple of weeks. It is so much fun, our instructor is french and I can hardly understand anything he says. I try so hard to get him to say my name being that my name is french I'd like to hear a french man say it. I am not asking for the moon but I have yet to get him to say it. It is my biggest goal for the class, well that and ensuring that our 82 year old, french, fencing instructor doesn't just die in the middle of class. Not being able to understand what is being taught has made it difficult for me to get good at fencing and us girls in the class have to wear stupid chest protectors that are very distracting. When fencing, my BF he thinks it is just so funny to stab at the plastic chest protector and he doesn't take it very seriously at all. How am I supposed to get good at fencing when my partner just wants to stab at my plastic boobies and my face mask? At least once a week we both get a really good laugh.