Tuesday, May 26, 2009

April Fool's

So as it turns out I will be staying in St. George. I am sad and broken hearted about me and my best friend splitting up but I for the most part I feel real good about staying. I'll be living with boss family which isn't ideal but I have already threatened the kids to stay out of "my room" so it should be tolerable. Now on to boys. There is a boy that likes me. He is very nice, finished with school, has a real job, a temple recommend. He takes me on dates and always pays, even though I offer sometimes, he is a real great catch and I am completely not interested. But there is another boy, a bad boy with a tattoo, who is always trying to get me to do naughty things, never takes me on dates, rarely showers and I am completely in love with him. What is wrong here? I do not know for sure but I think I have some issues. I do not really know how to tell nice boy that I am not interested. Really when is a good time to bring up the I know you are crushing on me but I am not crushing on you conversation? What to do? What to do?

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Fantastically Strange Weekend

Friday morning, bright and early, like at 6, I was up and headed to Orem for a job interview. The world is a real ugly place that early in the morning, when your eyes are too tired to open all the way. My interview went well until I found out that the job I was interviewing for was not the job I thought but interviews are always good things to do. So I have no job in Orem yet but that is being worked on, if any of you know of anything I would appreciate the help. Bummed and annoyed about the job interview, I stopped at Smith's to enjoy the smell of donuts and pick up a card for my cousin that got married that morning. While at Smith's, I was interviewed by their marketing slash advertising team. For 10 minutes of answering some questions and getting my picture taken, I got 25 dollars to spend at Smith's. And who knows I'll probably become famous cause some talent agent will see my picture and want to make me the next big super model. Feeling real good about my 25 dollars, I headed to Kanosh to partake in a wedding of my cousins that included dragon's and fairies and lots of chocolate. What a mystical event it was. I did get to see some family though and that was nice. Also I was glad to not be a bridesmaid in homemade little girl dresses that were too big. Saturday I got a wild hair (literally) and requested that my sister Jenika make my hair into a faux hawk. Hahaha it was fantastic. And of course we sprayed it green.

That night was a date with a real cute boy named Jacob. I find myself being incredibly attracted to this boy and want to kiss him but I am trying this new thing where I'm not so easy. So far I don't like it much. Sunday night dinner was made for me by a boy trying to win my affections. Trying too hard to win my affections I should say. Gosh being charming is real hard. And now its Monday, 1:30 on Monday and I have no idea where this day has gone. I guess chasing chickens and watching Transformers with a 5 year old is exactly the kind of fun that makes time fly. Its a beautiful world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Wow its been one whole week since my last post. It seems like such a long time ago. What fun I have had in this last week. I got over my sinus infection! That alone is worth celebrating, I can smell lilac bushes and all the pretty blossoms and I can taste my food! I want to try to recap my week for you all but I just can't remember it all so I'll just give you some highlights. First I have been learning how to long board, I have made some cool new friends, a lot of swimming, floating down the river on tubes, bruising my butt pretty badly on a rock in the river, learning the hard way that I need to keep bottoms up when floating down a murky river. Pole dancing, chicken game, getting asked out on a date by a cute boy from Mt. Pleasant, deciding to move to Salt Lake at the end of the month, seeing my Mom on Mothers day, more swimming. And no doing laundry like I am really out of underwear cause I am never home to do my laundry, I am close to having to go commando but with it being so hot here I kind of like the idea of no undies, haha. Just Kidding, but not really. I have quite a busy month ahead that I am sure will be full of break downs cause moving is sad but I am excited for it. I am feeling real happy inside and I feel very blessed to have such supports in my life including but not limited to: my family, my nanny family, my best friends and everyone I love so much.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dumb Dumb

I have not been well recently. So sad. My mother has been putting the pressure on me to go to the doctor. She used the "I will send your father to St. George to take you to the doctor if you do not take yourself" trick on me. So after at least a day of getting text from my mom that said things like "should I pack your dad's bag?" and "So what did the doctor say?", I gave in and went to the doctor. Doctors are a strange bunch and say weird things. I love when they are sticking instruments up my nose and saying things like "wow its real packed up there isn't it?" and "that looks awful." Turns out I have a sinus infection and my sinus' are incredibly "packed" which explains the never ending stabbing pains in my head and face. Now after 15 hours or so on an antibiotic and decongestant, I still have a headache and lack the ability to breath through my nose. But here's to doctors and quick recoveries.