Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AaaaHHH Its a double chin!

It is the time of the year to think about how to make the next year better. I have these new years resolutions so far:

Be even more awesome in school than last semester.
Be even more awesome at making out (But that's probably not even possible cause I am so good at it already)
Be the most awesome at anything else I decide.
Oh, and rid my life of hate and anger.

I know its not January yet, but I have already started on this last one. I woke up at 3 this morning and felt the urge to apologize to ex-BF (just a year ago I was saying how much I hate his guts on this very blog). I am so mature and grown up, it only took me a year to admit that I was probably wrong for me to write nasty things about him for all of our mutual friends to read. Also at 3 in the morning, I made brownies. Then I had a few when I woke up the second time at 9. Here is the scary part, I then sat down in preparation to write this blog update. The computer screen was black, I caught a glimpse of the biggest, ugliest, most awful thing I had ever seen. It was a double chin. I looked around wondering whose reflection is this I see? Surely it can't be mine. The horrible realization started to sink in. It was my chin that carries the weight of eight men on it. It was my chin that was sagging down to the level of my chest. I hung my head in shame and disappointment, only it didn't hang very far for it was propped up by the enormousness of the fat under chin. I then came to the conclusion that I must do something I dislike more than bologna. I must make a resolution to lose chin weight. That's right, I am joining the throngs of people making chin weight loss resolutions this year. I am ashamed of myself but I must do what I must do. My BFF Steph and I used to play the double chin game. We would put on our turtle necks and twist our heads in every which way in order to attain the maximum amount of double chins. It is no longer a game for me. Sad sad day. I must go google chin exercises now. Happy Resolution making!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've got a Pocket, Got a pocket full of . . . Candy Cane Kisses

Along with sugar cookies, candy cane kisses have also been rocking my world. This morning I got up (late) to get the nanny kids off to school (late) and I went with a coat pocket full with candy cane kisses. The kids school is 15 minutes away. By the time I made the round trip, my pocket was empty. Upon returning from the rounds of dropping kids, I felt incredibly tired (even though I slept in) so I sat down in a chair and fell asleep for an hour. I woke up and still felt so tired, so I moved to my bed and slept for another 2 hours. I woke up and felt like I could still sleep but it was quarter to one and I decided I should do something. So naturally I sat at the kitchen counter in a post nap stupor for close to 45 minutes. I then got up and started folding the laundry, folded a few shirts and then decided I needed music. SOoo I got onto the computer intending only to turn on Pandora and get back to work. Wrong, I guess I needed to FB and update my blog. Haha what is causing all of this sleepiness and lack of accomplishing things? I believe it is the candy cane kisses. I ate myself into a candy cane kisses coma and am having a real tough time coming out of it. Better luck tomorrow is all I can think.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Alive!

Oh hey all! I know you were all real worried about me but I have one thing to say. Well more than one thing but the most important thing is this: I AM FINISHED WITH STATS!! That is right, I am finished with my stats class and I have never been so happy,(except for that one time I didn't wear a bra to subway and I got 6 free cookies)! A few complaints I have about the season: The crowds, I hate the crowds. Everywhere is packed with people and I hate to deal with it. Also some people are so hard to shop for, like what the h? What do I get a boy I want to make my BF maybe and so I am trying to buy his love and drop hints that I am trying to buy his love, but I am on a budget. What do I get for that kind of person? Gosh this business is hard. Another thing, I can not button up my pants. Usually it is a choice to not do up my pants, this time of year, doing my button up is not even an option and my cravings for sugar cookies are making it so much worse. I go cookie eating cookies! All I want for Christmas is a body that doesn't hurt anymore (my body has been incredibly sore) and a ride in a hot air balloon. Also I want a year supply of sugar cookies from subway! Those have been rocking my world like nothing else lately. I also wish that finals would be over and that I wouldn't have to work so I can spend all my time shopping and napping and eating sugar cookies. That is all.