Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AaaaHHH Its a double chin!

It is the time of the year to think about how to make the next year better. I have these new years resolutions so far:

Be even more awesome in school than last semester.
Be even more awesome at making out (But that's probably not even possible cause I am so good at it already)
Be the most awesome at anything else I decide.
Oh, and rid my life of hate and anger.

I know its not January yet, but I have already started on this last one. I woke up at 3 this morning and felt the urge to apologize to ex-BF (just a year ago I was saying how much I hate his guts on this very blog). I am so mature and grown up, it only took me a year to admit that I was probably wrong for me to write nasty things about him for all of our mutual friends to read. Also at 3 in the morning, I made brownies. Then I had a few when I woke up the second time at 9. Here is the scary part, I then sat down in preparation to write this blog update. The computer screen was black, I caught a glimpse of the biggest, ugliest, most awful thing I had ever seen. It was a double chin. I looked around wondering whose reflection is this I see? Surely it can't be mine. The horrible realization started to sink in. It was my chin that carries the weight of eight men on it. It was my chin that was sagging down to the level of my chest. I hung my head in shame and disappointment, only it didn't hang very far for it was propped up by the enormousness of the fat under chin. I then came to the conclusion that I must do something I dislike more than bologna. I must make a resolution to lose chin weight. That's right, I am joining the throngs of people making chin weight loss resolutions this year. I am ashamed of myself but I must do what I must do. My BFF Steph and I used to play the double chin game. We would put on our turtle necks and twist our heads in every which way in order to attain the maximum amount of double chins. It is no longer a game for me. Sad sad day. I must go google chin exercises now. Happy Resolution making!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've got a Pocket, Got a pocket full of . . . Candy Cane Kisses

Along with sugar cookies, candy cane kisses have also been rocking my world. This morning I got up (late) to get the nanny kids off to school (late) and I went with a coat pocket full with candy cane kisses. The kids school is 15 minutes away. By the time I made the round trip, my pocket was empty. Upon returning from the rounds of dropping kids, I felt incredibly tired (even though I slept in) so I sat down in a chair and fell asleep for an hour. I woke up and still felt so tired, so I moved to my bed and slept for another 2 hours. I woke up and felt like I could still sleep but it was quarter to one and I decided I should do something. So naturally I sat at the kitchen counter in a post nap stupor for close to 45 minutes. I then got up and started folding the laundry, folded a few shirts and then decided I needed music. SOoo I got onto the computer intending only to turn on Pandora and get back to work. Wrong, I guess I needed to FB and update my blog. Haha what is causing all of this sleepiness and lack of accomplishing things? I believe it is the candy cane kisses. I ate myself into a candy cane kisses coma and am having a real tough time coming out of it. Better luck tomorrow is all I can think.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Alive!

Oh hey all! I know you were all real worried about me but I have one thing to say. Well more than one thing but the most important thing is this: I AM FINISHED WITH STATS!! That is right, I am finished with my stats class and I have never been so happy,(except for that one time I didn't wear a bra to subway and I got 6 free cookies)! A few complaints I have about the season: The crowds, I hate the crowds. Everywhere is packed with people and I hate to deal with it. Also some people are so hard to shop for, like what the h? What do I get a boy I want to make my BF maybe and so I am trying to buy his love and drop hints that I am trying to buy his love, but I am on a budget. What do I get for that kind of person? Gosh this business is hard. Another thing, I can not button up my pants. Usually it is a choice to not do up my pants, this time of year, doing my button up is not even an option and my cravings for sugar cookies are making it so much worse. I go cookie eating cookies! All I want for Christmas is a body that doesn't hurt anymore (my body has been incredibly sore) and a ride in a hot air balloon. Also I want a year supply of sugar cookies from subway! Those have been rocking my world like nothing else lately. I also wish that finals would be over and that I wouldn't have to work so I can spend all my time shopping and napping and eating sugar cookies. That is all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snuggies and Hair cuts.

My best friend, Stephanie Rose, is the best best friend ever. As a best friend gift, she got me the gift that keeps in giving. I love being warm. I love anything zebra print. I love anything with long sleeves. The zebra Snuggie that my best friend Steph gave me is the best thing that had ever happened to me up til that point. And it is in the top three of great things in my life. The next thing that happened to me that is so great, was my choice to skip statistics class and get my hair cut. And then the conversation that followed with my mother. She hates my hair and I just got to sit there feeling like a rebellious teenager for liking the hair that she hates so so much. Pictures to come soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009


It is November. Unbelievable. Where did the time go? I don't even remember anything after January. Well that's a lie but I swear January lasted 10 months and the rest of the year flew by. I know its only the 2nd day of the month, but I have been starving all month. I can already smell the turkey. Bring on the food!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real Problem

I have a real problem. A pride problem. At least that is what I think it could be defined as. It is about 45 degrees outside my house, and probably about the same on the inside. My house is freezing and I refuse to turn on the heater. Why? Because I refuse to believe that summer is over. It's long over, I know this, but it breaks my heart so I like to pretend it isn't. Turning on the heater is like me admitting that summer is gone and that is something I just can not do. Would this be considered pride or lunacy? I also refuse to believe that I am crazy or prideful, so I am just going to blame it on nature. Nature has it wrong, its not fall. IT IS STILL SUMMER! Oh I wish that were true.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am Lame

School has made me lame. Apparently. a million hours of studying, working, and trying to not get sick per week can really take a toll on your coolness. I am pretty sure my coolness level has gone from 95% cool to less than 5% cool. I learned that in statistics class today, I may have learned to make my coolness statistics sound better, but I left early to eat a cookie at home. Also children have really become my arch nemesis. Well not all children, just children that give me crusty looks when I tell them to do their homework, or clean their room, or stop showing everyone your penis. Fall break just was not long enough and I am looking forward to this coming weekend, that will be spent in the arctic that some people call Salt Lake. It is always refreshing to get away. Oh and by the way it is almost Halloween, I feel so let down with myself for my lack of holiday recognition and celebration. To remedy this, I have already tricked a boy into promising to take me to a haunted corn maze. I also stocked up on candy and have begun to seriously think about what and how to tackle a Halloween costume. I am leaning toward Olive Oyl, like from Popeye, or a classic witch just because it classy and classic. I'll let you know what I decide. Until then, have a spooktacular day! Aaggh! I love Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fortune Cookies

I just read my cousins blog. She was talking about spending time with our grandparents and I started to cry. I miss them quite a lot and I realize that I have been avoiding them. My grandpa has Alzheimer's and grandma is diabetic. They are old and that makes me so sad and scared because I don't want to loose them. I do love them and I hate to think that I didn't spend as much time with them as I could because I was afraid of their old age. I'm twenty effing three for crying out loud. Grow up Shauntae! I recently had a fortune cookie that said something I can't remember but it made me think I need to make family more of a priority. So that is what I am going to do. The only fortune I have is my family and if I waste that, I don't deserve any other kind of fortune. In my head, that made sense. Too much soy sauce for me I think.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raise your hand if you are moving

I am. I am moving. And because of this, I can't actually raise my hand. My muscles are sore and it hurts. Who knew that moving a couch would be so hard? I guess I did but still one can forget these things. I am going to enjoy being on my own for a little while. I'll still be in St. George but I won't be living with nanny family. I will miss them but I can finally walk around in my underwear! Woot Woot. I love it, I can't wait, time to get back to work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth. Always. It never fails me. Lately my craving for sweets has been outrageous! I have eaten a 3 lb. bag of toostie rolls in like a week. ALL TO MYSELF! I can't get enough. Also my sweet tooth has carried me to a craving for cuddling. It seems to be the hardest sweet tooth to fulfill. I can't seem to find a baby, toddler, or man that will cuddle with me. I try but as soon as I wrap my arms around them, they start squirming and pushing away. What is the deal?! I shower, I swear I do and if I don't, I wear perfume. I am not even asking for kisses, just a hug. Preferably from a man. I mean I guess there are a few men I could call and they would cuddle with me but I do not want to cuddle with those ones. Ugh I should just be worried about school work but boys are just as hard and usually more fun. I find out my history test score tomorrow. I only want to know it if I did as well as I think I did. Crossing my fingers and all major organs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mad Mad Monday

I just don't get it! Today started out great. I was happy, productive, and feeling funny. This afternoon, I am annoyed, irritable, and so ready for this day to be over. I thought maybe I was dehydrated, drank a bunch of water, still didn't work. Thought maybe I was hungry, ate a bunch of food, only seemed to have made it worse. I don't know what it is, acute afternoon crankyness syndrome probably. I am just ready to have a good day all the way through. Today I blame the cranks on cardboard and how it makes my arms red and itchy. Yeah its the cardboard boxes fault. That is all.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So I think I have. . .

I know why I am cranky. I think I have an ear infection. My right ear has been weird for days now and today, everything was muffled. It was weird not being able to hear clearly. This makes me feel crummy but now I know why I have a badittude and now I don't actually feel bad about being a grump to people. It hurts and I am now going to have a nap before I have a birthday party to go to at 10. That is all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Few More Letters

I have a few more letters I would like to write the world.

Dear Laundry,

Why do you never end? I am tired of you and all the time you take when I could be studying or sleeping or doing something fun. You stink.

Full of Loathing for you,

I hate your stinkin guts

Dear History Teacher,

Stop being a liberal, and stop giving us tests with ten essay questions.

Conservatively yours,

A girl with a headache from reading the penguin history of Europe

Dear Body,

I don't know why you don't feel good. I have made you sweat a lot these last two days and I have been trying to eat good. Why do you have to have a headache and feel like your throat is swollen to the point of no breathing? I guess its time to try the extra rest route which is nice, but I really like the working out a lot route.

Ugh . . . I hate cold and sickness season,

Oh sorry I can't speak because my throat hurts

Dear Ex-BF,

I am mad at you all over again. We were supposed to run the marathon together this year. I was supposed to hold your new nephews and whatever your other sister is having. We could have been happy, that was supposed to be my life. No you had to go be a jackass and now I'm stuck with boys who only want me for the doing of dirty things, they don't want to date me or marry me, they just want to touch my boobs.

Hate you still even after all this time,

A girl who can get men to want her but can't get them to want to date her or marry her

Dear weird dreams,

Stop it! I am tired of having weird dreams about having babies and waking up expecting a bebe to be next to me. What the H?!?!

Going crazy,
A girl who does not want a baby I just want to hold one for a really long time

Dear Rest of the Universe,

I am tired, I don't feel well and I thought my grumpy week was over. Fall break can not come fast enough. I need more rest and candy.

I just want a nap,
A girl annoyed with the world and things that happen in it

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Few Updates or Just One

There are a lot of status updates I want to use on Facebook but I don't want to annoy people by changing my status more that I already do. Sooo I have decided to do it here.

I love history but my history teacher is a flaming liberal and he's smart. In my head, liberals can't be smart and liberal cause smart people know that liberalism is not smart. Right?

Oh great and now I can't remember the other ones. Hahahaha ok so there's one. Hahaha darn my memory.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AHOY! I figured it out!

I have been in the dumps because people keep saying that summer is over. This statement makes me cry. Yes I know the leaves are changing and that its chilly outside but I still refuse to admit that summer is over. I hate that I am cold when I go outside today, why can't I live in Hawaii? I don't know but I pretty much hate it. I always think oh I live in St. George it won't be so bad. No it is bad! I despise the cold and everything about it. I get it summer is over, now bring it back already!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My math homework, that I have been ignoring for a month and trying to tackle 2 lessons at a time, is DONE! And 2 days early, I was so stressed about having it done today that when I found out that its not due til Thursday I just giggled myself silly. I don't have any math homework to do this evening or tomorrow evening. How fantastic is that?!!! I know it is my own fault that it piled up and I won't let it happen again. I am just so stinkin happy I am going to get myself a cupcake. But my happiness still hasn't made my week much better so far and I know I'm not the only one having a bad day or week for that matter. I wish everyone love and luck with this week. I just hope it gets over soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The World is Heavy

WARNING! This may get preachy. Lately I have been in the dumps or the grumps. I wish I could say it was because I am about to start my period, but I can't. The world that I carry on my shoulders has seemed quite heavy lately. At first this post was going to be a pity me story, and I had been typing at it for about an hour but while writing it I had a realization so I erased it and started over. My realization was this, I am being humbled and the world is being humbled. I, like so many other people, am stressed, worried, and disappointed with everything going on in the world and my own life. Listing, over and over again, the things that I have to be stressed about my mind kept saying "you aren't the only one" to which I would say back "but my problems are the ones that matter most". After a while of this arguing with myself, a thought entered my mind. I thought, you are being awful prideful thinking your problems are the only ones that matter. This thought sparked a series of thoughts about the pride cycle. I came to the conclusion that I am being humbled, and the world is being humbled. Things are hard and we have all been forced to look back to the basics and what's important. For most people, that's family. I believe that even in families that aren't religious, if they are kind to each other and doing their best to fulfill their rolls, God is at the center of that family unit because families are sacred and important. I may be wrong, so don't quote me on it, but that is what I think. Does this understanding make me feel better? Only slightly. Being humbled is hard and painful, but it is what I need, it's what the world needs. I am probably late on coming to this realization, I am sure most of the world has figured this out already and what does that say about me? That I really am prideful and ignorant. Well there it is, my little speech from the pulpit.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My cousin is funny and said that my saying young girls should just run out and have sex made her laugh. I am glad I can make her laugh but I feel I should clarify. I do not think young girls should run out and have sex just because they are horny little buggers. I do think that a lot of people get married just because they want to have sex and to them I say " Stop. Step back. Think this through. Do you want to be with this person for eternity? Or are you just tired of having to say stop touching my boobs, and the fights that this can bring on?" I have been in this situation. When I first moved to college, I was dating a boy named Chace, we liked to push things to the limit sometimes and we thought well maybe we should get married. Instead, we discovered that wanting to touch each others boobs does not mean love. I let him touch my boobs once (don't tell my mom) and quiet frankly, I just got mad at him even more. And then he got mad at me for saying hey never mind I don't want that. That showed me that it was him and not just my sexual frustration that annoyed me to no end. Now we didn't take it as far as sex and actually I think we kept it pretty clean but I still think that if someone wants to be married so they can do sexy time then just do sexy time or something close to it before you commit your whole life to someone for forever and ever and ever. And I know not everyone will agree with me and that's fine. I also encourage the practice of safe sex. When it comes to condoms, put 2 on. Hahaha just kidding, that is in a song, and it also increases the chances of it breaking. So don't do that. Hahahahaha I am so funny. Please no one take offense, you all know I like to joke.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cranky Pants

I do not feel well, I'm tired, and tired of wearing pants. Today I am miss cranky pants and here is a list of what I blame it on: staying up too late this weekend, getting up too early this weekend, laughing real hard all day everyday this weekend, so now I am cranky to balance it out. My relentless sweet tooth that never leaves me alone, 19 year old girls, that I have met once, then add me on facebook so I can read how they get engaged, then breakup, then get back together, then break up again with their 28 year old boyfriends all in the course of two months. Go to therapy and call it quits for good cause obviously your relationship is not going to work, we all know it, you just can't seem to see that breaking up 3 times in a month is bad for a relationship. Also stop trying to rush into marriage just to have sex, if you want sex that bad, just do it.In my opinion, its better than getting yourself into a marriage for eternity with someone you don't even know. Also having to wear clothes right now is making me so annoyed, I just pulled my pants down to my ankles so I am really hoping no one walks in on me right now. The biggest thing I blame my crankiness on, is the headache, slight dizziness, and unsettled stomach that I have been dealing with the last two days. Plus I have no appetite. What a sucky thing, I am cranky cause I haven't eaten but I don't want to eat cause then I feel like I'll throw up. Aaauugghh! I hate today, I feel like my Monday came a day late. On the up side, I have been telling people I have swine flu, then they stay away and leaving me alone. Hahahaha when I spell checked this, it said Aaauugghh was supposed to be egghead. I don't know why but I thought that was real funny.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lessons Learned

School has been in session for almost a month now and I already feel smarter. I'd like to share with you some of the lessons I've learned this semester.

#1: If you are going to choose to be a hitch hiker, don't have pets. Far fewer people will pick you up if you have a big stinky dog.

#2: TI-84 calculators do a lot of cool things. The most fun thing to do with them though, is to rite notes back and forth with them.

#3: In my pursuit of higher education, I have discovered something very interesting about myself. I despise academics.

#4: When avoiding doing homework, you are at your most creative. The other day, I spent an hour trying to perfect my hand stands so I would not have to do homework.

#5: Wearing flannel when its 101 outside, is not as bad as it sounds.

#6: Zumba is the funnest way to work out.

#7: Also when at Zumba, staring at your instructors 6 pack, remember that your stomach doesn't look that way, so keep your shirt down. Hahaha I learned that the hard way. It is such a disappointment to realize that your stomach doesn't look that way.

#8: Flight of the Concords is a wonderful show but you should not watch it when you are actually trying to accomplish things.

#9: Blogging is also a good way to avoid school work, I'm doing it right now.

#10: Eventually you will have to do homework and it SUCKS. Especially cause I have to go do it now.

I am pleased with the amount of knowledge that I have already attained. I just wish some of it had actually come from classes I am taking.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's been 5 years?

I have been out of high school for 5 years, how weird is that for me? Way! This weekend I enjoyed some time in Gunnison for my 5 year high school reunion. It was great to see a few old friends. The food was enjoyable, the water balloon fight was ok, I was wearing a white shirt and didn't really want to get soaked so what was fun about that was the avoiding getting hit. The Adair twins have real cute kids as do Mindy and Kara. I like that I just talked about a water balloon fight like its a normal, planned thing, which as I remember high school, there were quite a few water balloon fights. Oh Gunnison how I miss thee. All in all I just really enjoyed the reunion and thank you Kara, Mindy, and Sherra for putting it together. Yesterday, I found myself sitting on a mountain eating pie with this boy that I enjoy spending time with. Its real fun to enjoy each other's company in the mountains. Sometimes I try to do my part in stopping the spread of H1N1 by only kissing one man at a time. Like if I am kissing someone then I try to refrain from kissing any one else. Well not this weekend I guess, I feel like I am reliving my first year in college only not so many boys involved just 2 or 3. Ha should I feel guilty about living this way? It's not like I am sleeping with them just kissing, so I don't feel that bad about it. I mean it could be worse and I think I should just enjoy being young and single. Is this the devil speaking through me? Probably but is it fun? Oh yes it is. I know Stacee will have something to say about what a hussy I am, but listen cousin, I remember all the boys you kissed in college. You told me all about it in case you don't remember. I love my life, but sometimes having so much fun, makes me real tired on Mondays.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As all of you know today is 9/9/09. As all of you also know, I love to play games. Today the game is 9. All day I have been doing things in nine. The radio station I listened to today was 99.9, I used the German word for no which is nine. I ate 9 cookies, had lazy time 9 minutes at a time and basically did everything in 9. Its harder than you think. My math homework, I did all the problems involving the number nine first and forgot that I needed to go finish the other ones. I wore 9 articles of clothing, which considering its 101 outside was quite uncomfortable. I sweat all day long for this little game of mine. Do I go too far with these games I play? I thought maybe I did til I decided that tonight I am going to kiss this boy I've been kissing for 99 minutes. Once I decided that, I thought no way do I take this too far. I think I take it to the right place actually. But now I have to go do at least 90 minutes of homework before I can participate in my "extra curricular" activities. Did I mention I have a baby crush on this man? I do, it makes me smile at least 90 times a day. Crushes are fun, I can't remember the last time I had a crush on someone, I sure to like it. Nine(no) I actually REALLY enjoy having a crush and a good kisser at that. 9 game is fun, so is kissing. I can't wait til 9 tonight when I get to kiss for 99 minutes.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear World

My friend Steph once had a blog where she wrote letters to the world. I now have a few letters I would like to write.

Dear Summer,

Please do not leave. I am in a summer ending funk and I don't like it one bit, so you can't go ok.

Yours warmly,

The girl that just wants sunshine and fun.

Dear wildfires,

I get that you like to burn things, that's why you are called fire, but I wish you wouldn't.The smoke gives me a runny nose, headache, and burning eyes. Not to mention the smell of campfire makes me insanely hungry for potatoes for some reason. I also get an intense desire to wear flannel.

With flames of annoyance,

A smokey bear advocate

Dear TI-84 Plus calculator,

Why did you have to cost 95 dollars? I hate spending that much on nerdy things, but especially on nerdy things the size of my head.

Calculating the moment til I get to sell you on craiglist,

A dis liker of statistics

Dear 7 in the morning,

Why do I go to bed so late? Better yet why do you come so early? Maybe you could consider coming more around 9 in the morning. Yeah that would be better for me.

With love,

The bags under Shauntae's eyes

Dear some people on facebook,

It was a friendly debate, I was never riled up, I was never angry. I don't think I even said anything angry, if it came across angry, well that was your choice to take it that way. No one has said that they hate you, so stop playing like people do. Do I agree with you? No. Do I hate you? No. Am I bored with the conversation? Yes, entirely.


A woman who will show you her boobs and not even care, because who does?

Dear clothes I just got form target,

I love you.

Yours fashionably,

The best dressed girls in st george

Dear Holland,

Why won't you pretend with me at the high school reunion that we are together? I think it would be funny to trick some people. And it would be nostalgic for everyone. Just think about it.

Please oh please,

A girl that likes to play tricks

Dear Universe,

Here are some things I would like. An adorable leather messenger bag, for school. My best friend to move back to St. George. Alex to get over his attitude. The man I have been spending time with to be taller than me. A massage, a shopping trip to Vegas, an endless supply of Swedish fish, and a nap. Please note that I did not ask for the moon.

Wishful thinking,

Me, a human being that feels worn out

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot Dogs and Henry Kissinger

Life is funny to me. Life as a girl is even funnier to me. Why are we so moody? Really does anyone know why I can go from singing There is Sunshine in my Soul one minute and an hour later I feel like punching some unfortunate soul in the stomach? Its only the 3rd day of school and that's fine, but I need to get my books. Books are damn expensive and I hate spending 150 dollars that I could spend on a fantastic wig on a math book. However I did enjoy my morning after class at Barnes and Noble getting a Henry Kissinger book I need for history. So I was feeling great, until I got a whiff of my hands. They smell like hot dogs for some unexplained reason. This not only made me sick to my stomach but also turned my mood from skipping in a field of daisies to complete annoyance at the existence of other human beings in my sight. This usually means 2 things, I either need food, or I will soon need some Advil for my cramps. I am going to try the food route and if that doesn't work then chocolate. If there is still no relief from my moods, everyone had better watch out, I am likely to erupt with crying or screaming or maybe even uncontrollable laughter. Damn I love hate being a human and a woman.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reunited and It feels SOOO Good

You know those days when everything is going so fantastic? You feel invincible and extremely hopeful and so incredibly blessed. Well even though it is a Monday, I feel like that today. I woke up and cursed the 7 o'clock hour, got the kids off to school and came home to hear Mr. Chris LeDoux on my Ipod. That is when the perma smile tattooed itself on my face. I showered and got ready for my first day of classes. Not really looking forward to it and the crowds and mayhem that I knew awaited me at the school. As luck would have it, I found a great parking place, ran into several friends, and sat down in history class. My teacher is real short and has the funniest haircut, but he knows so much about history, all during class, I was so excited I could hardly breathe. When it was over, I was still hyperventilating and I am real anxious to go again. Then this afternoon I talked for 2 hours with an old roommate and it felt great. When we first met, we became instant friends but after a couple of years living together, had sort of a falling out. Today we reconnected and it feels great. We laughed, cried, and I am just so happy about it. I really miss her and I feel sorta sad about it for some reason, but I was really glad for the chance to clear the air and be friends again. She's real funny and suggested I try eHarmony after I told her about my recent bad date. Hahaha I have far too much pride for that. Anyway, my life is great and no one can knock me down today. I love days like this and I am real excited for this new school year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well I made it 23 years

I have made it 23 years without having a bad date, it was bound to happen eventually. As far as I can remember, I have never had a date as dull and pointless as the one I went on last night. I have know this kid for a while now and we have been sort of friends, we lost track of each other and recently ran into each other again. Well I never had a lot to say to him when we were friends beyond the casual polite conversation so I already suspected the date would be fairly lame. It went like this, he picked me up. I opened the door and he was off, like speed walking to his car, no hey how are you, are you ready, who are these kids you have hanging on you? None of that, just speed walking, the entire hour and a half (yep that is how long it lasted) I felt like we were speed walking. Dinner, miniature golf, scooter ride, in an hour and a half. Ridiculous for so many reasons, I hate mini golf as much as I hate regular sized golf, he wore clothes that looked like he had just mowed the lawn in (I didn't really want to go anyway and I have some sort of cold, so I didn't try none too hard either but at least I was clean) and then we start talking politics. Any of you who know me at all or have even looked at my facebook, know that politics are important and fun to me. Well he voted for Obama, and told me that he got his political info from MTV. com. That is when I started questioning his intellect and naturally gave him my $1.25 about my political views. So then I was like k well can you take me home, I don't feel well. And that was it, my first worst date experience. Hahahahaha I find it to be real funny and I think well at least I was in bed early still. I am actually real glad it didn't last very long.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh Hey Congress

Hey congress I found something you may want to read during your little break. Its your job description. It can be found in the Constitution, maybe you've heard of it. Now I realize that most of you have not read it and would need lawyers to help you understand it so I have used a dumbed down version here, that I am sure most of you will still need lawyers to help you understand. I'll try my best to help you understand and when you start to feel confused, just take a deep breath and re-read it til it all makes sense OK? OK here we go then.

As members of Congress, your powers are:

To lay and collect taxes (something I know you understand all too well so I won't explain this)

To pay debt (Wait, stop for a minute and read that again. It says to pay debt, Not to create massive amounts of it)

To provide for the common defense and general welfare of the U.S. ( This will be hard for you liberals and too many of you republicans but like I said take a deep breath and read it again. This does NOT mean give people cars, health care, schooling, or digital T. V.. It means something more along the lines of make our country safe, and keep yourselves(government) and others who would want to hinder our progress out of our way so that we may work, learn, progress, and provide for ourselves to attain our own version of the American dream. This is really really tough for you politicians to understand, I know. This also DOES NOT mean steal from Americans to give to other Americans, that's called Marxism, not democracy.)

To borrow money (but remember that you will have to pay this debt so you are encouraged NOT to borrow money, especially from other countries and countries that do not have our (the U.S.) best interest at heart as this makes us vulnerable and goes against providing for the common defense and general welfare.)

To regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the states (this just means enough regulations to make us safe but not so many as to make it impossible to trade or puts all the control in government hands. America can not prosper and grow when our own government inhibits fair and easy trade)

To establish uniform rules of naturalization (this means making people not born in the U. S. citizens, however, this does not mean granting amnesty to millions of illegals.)

To coin money (this does not mean print money until it is worth nothing)

To set up lower federal courts

To declare war (To declare war on nations that are at war with us, not to declare war on the citizens of the U. S. that disagree with the actions of government.)

To raise and support an army and navy ( Now again this is hard for the liberals, but this is the exact opposite of cutting defense budgets and again when you do this it goes against providing for the common defense)

To provide for calling out the State militia to carry out the laws of the U. S., put down rebellion, and repel invasion ( could this include the invasion of millions of illegal immigrants?)

To govern an area not exceeding 10 miles square of the capitol of the U.S. (meaning Washington D. C.), and to govern forts, arsenals, dockyards, and other "needful buildings" ( This means leave States rights to the States, and this ten square miles does not include the automobile, banking, or health care industries)

To admit new states to the Union (Mexico is not a state)

To make rules and regulations for U. S. territories (Territories are not industries)

To "make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers" (Most laws you(Congress) make are not proper and definitely not necessary and therefore they should not be passed.)

Now again, I realize that you are politicians and you will need some help understanding all this, but take heart, we, your constituents (that means the people who voted for you), will let you know what we want. If you are still having a real hard time understanding it and what your voters want, that's OK, take heart, we'll just get rid of you when your term is up. Again I hope you have a nice recess, and that you and your lawyers can get this knowing and understanding the Constitution and your role in government thing all worked out. If you feel you still need more help, you can find me at my local tea parties, town hall meetings, and on the phone, Internets, or in the mail. I'll be the one letting you know I am mad as hell about what Congress and the President are doing, and how exactly I think you should stay out of it. I won't however being wearing swastika's or toting a Tommy gun with my other mob mafia members.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My One True Love

I have found him! My one true love. His name you ask? Dierks Bentley. I am in love with Dierks Bentley and I know that we are meant to be together. How do I know this? Well I heard his new single "I want to make you close your eyes" and I just knew he was singing to and about me. I seriously have a celebrity crush on him. Hahaha I know I am ridiculous. I keep listening to it over and over. This songs gives me butterflies in my tummy like I have a crush on someone when I don't. This song is why I love country boys. Seriously, Dierks, will you marry me? 97 percent of this day will now be wasted on daydreaming about love.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thats Not My Name

For some time now I have been trying to get people to call me Tae. My family calls me Tae and I have quite enjoyed it so I wanted the world to call me Tae. I thought if whenever I met new people, I would introduce myself as Tae and eventually almost everyone I knew would call me that but after about two introductions I forgot about this plan. Shauntae is a perfectly lovely name and I have enjoyed it but sometimes I just like a little change. For a while, I tried to get everyone to address me as Shauntae Marie. Marie, which is my middle name, just gives Shauntae a very regal and distinguished air, is what I would try to explain to people, but it never caught on. So everyone call me Shauntae, that's fine, but I am going to refer to myself as Tae and maybe sometimes Pearl, Margaret, and or Kate (all names that I have at one point tried to be called). On another note, I was at the mall Saturday and stopped in to the wig shop to see what they had to offer. Turns out, they had a great deal to offer me. This lovely wig has captured
my heart but my stupid brain tells me I can not justify spending 170 dollars on it, so my heart and I have been coming up with ways to earn wig money. If any of you would like to donate a dollar to the "make Tae a princess" fund, feel free to contact me via FB or my blog. Hahaha I am not begging for donations OK but I really need this fake hair or tips on how to make my own hair grow faster. Either will be greatly appreciated. Oh it makes my heart ill that I woke up this morning and my hair is still super short.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So Great

Today I have been thinking about things that I think are so great. First, my best friend Steph and her tips on how to get the attention of gentleman. She is so great to offer me lines to use like "I got some new panties, do you want to see them?" I love her to death and pieces. I am greatly looking forward to this weekend. Second going to play date in the park with no kids. That is so great, I get to visit with the moms and am never bothered with children covered in blood from scratching each other. It will not be as fun when school starts and I'll be learning about history on Tuesday afternoons instead of breast feeding and child birth and other things I dare not mention. Third, ABDC, I love Americas Best Dance Crew. I love trying to mimic the moves I see and failing completely while the children laugh at the sight of me. I am especially excited about this new season and a certain crew called Vogue Evolution, made up of 3 thin, and 1 fat black, gay men and 1 transgendered black he-she. They are the greatest. How I feel about them is best described by my Steph when she said "I loved them so much I almost peed my pants." You should all youtube them or something, you're in for a real treat. Another thing that's great, I have not heard from Brad since I yelled at him. THIS particular thing fills me with intense joy. The last great thing that I will mention is the cleverness of me. In this blog, whenever I am going to speak of someone, I say something to the effect of "I'll call him/her this" and supposedly make up a name. The truth is, I always use their real name. Hahaha maybe you all knew this already but in my mind it's a fun little game I play and I think I am so clever and funny.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Uh Yes it Matters

Recently I was on the phone with a friend I'll call Brad. I find him to be very clingy and more than slightly annoying, so I was far past ready to get off the phone with him when I said "Look I have to go I need to read this article about the Health Care trash." He hates that I read and that I care about our country and how much it has gone down the toilet, so he says to me " It's not going to change anything. It doesn't even matter." Those fateful words got him the tongue lashing of his life. It was one of those moments that they would play out on T. V. in slow motion. This is what I had to say to Bradley: it doesn't matter? It doesn't matter? Well maybe it would matter to you and the rest of America if you actually knew what was at risk and what you would be paying for. I'll inform you infact. You will not be able to choose your own health care plan and in fact if you don't pay into Obama's plan, YOU will be fined several hundred dollars a year. If you already have a private health plan, you will not be allowed to keep it. Lets say you are diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and your survival rate it low, the government, not your doctors, will decide if you are worth giving treatment to or not. Or maybe when you are 80 and you need a new heart or hip, well that's too damn bad because you're too old to deserve care. No matter how healthy you are otherwise, or how much you really want to live, you are not worth the cost of surgery so we'll just give you a pain pill til you die. And you, being educated only by the main stream media, believe that I am exaggerating and being overly dramatic. Well Brad how about you do some reading of your own read the main stream articles and maybe some not so main stream stuff, you will see everywhere that what I say is true. Then maybe you can take some action and call some senators and do something. In which he replies "well that wouldn't matter either, they do what they want anyway." Oh really Brad? Those words again? Brad I don't know if you have read the constitution or if you know how this country works, but Congress works for us. The problem we have is that too many of us Americans have forgotten that so we just sit back and let them make the choices they want, to get what they want. But Brad that's not how it should work and not how it would work if people would wake up and educate themselves. Congress works for us. If we are not happy with what they are doing, we let them know hey we are you constituents and you work for us, if you want to be reelected you need to fix it or stop trying to fix it. That is how it works and I am so sick of you and people our age not knowing or caring about the issues. If you want that kind of health care then take yourself and all of your uneducated- I-want- something- for- nothing- friends and move to Canada. You don't even deserve to be Americans. And I have more to say on this but I have to go now. I love informing people when they are wrong.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Life is Amazing

I love birthday week. I love watching Gilmore Girls every morning at 9, I love my new wings necklace, I love eating a million cupcakes, I love my sisters coming to play with me today and I am really going to love the girls night that is in store. First on the agenda: showing my sisters how I pretend to know how to skim board at the river, then shower and dinner, followed with Ross and Barnes and Noble. We will then top the evening off with zebra toes and Lord of the Dance. I wanted to watch Gigi but it was gone from the library (and I am cheap so I don't like to rent movies when I can get them for free at the library) so I thought Lord of the Dance would be a good replacement but my sisters will probably hate me for it. I think it is going to be one humdinger of a girls night and I can't wait. The BEST part is they are spending the night! I convinced them to stay the night and I love it. My life is amazing. I love love, I love being in love and I am in love with this week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 23 to Me! Birthday Week To Do List

I love birthdays, especially mine. This Thursday is my birthday and to celebrate I have compiled a list of what I wish to do (in no particular order) this week and all of Birthday month!

1: watch an episode of Gilmore Girls everyday
2: enjoy a chocolate raspberry cupcake at 25 Main
3: a long bike ride on my pretty pink cruiser
4: paint my toenails like a Zebra and paint my nails black
5: fly my mini kite
6: play in the river
7: take a nap
8: play with my sisters on Wednesday
9: spend at least an hour at Ross looking at the knick knacks
10: eat my favorite meal at Chili's
11: purchase a necklace with wing charms on it
12: watch Beauty and the Beast
13: refuse to make my bed at least one day this week
14: make sloppy Joe's at eat them
15: go to pirate island pizza and only speak pirate, maybe even ask for a job application
16: relax on the porch swing everyday
17: go to Barnes and noble to get any book I want and purchase it with no guilt of spending money
18: have breakfast for dinner
19: watch the movie Gigi
20: read my book that I bought at Barnes and Noble
21: do my best to build an extensive nail polish collection
22: also do my best to find a boy to have a birthday snogging session
And last but most certainly not least . . .
23: ride the hydrotube at the city pool

I feel real good about my birthday month goals.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it really Worth it?

I am lactose intolerant, have been since I was 5. I am currently OBSESSED with ice cream. I eat at least 2 bowls a day for like the last week and a half. This is bad for me. Not only does it give me a terrible stomach ache, I am also going to gain weight I bet. Why can't I stop? Why am I all of a sudden craving its cold creamy goodness always? Is it really worth the painful stomach cramps and numerous trips to the restroom? I submit that the answer is YES! I love ice cream. Everything about it and that comes with it. The brain freezes, the stomach aches, the numb frozen lips, every different topping you can put on it, I love it all. I care not about what ice cream does to my body, it only matters what it does to my spirits which is makes them soar to the highest of heights. I have just at this moment decided to think of a song or poem or something of the sort titled Ode to Ice Cream. I'll post it as soon as its finished, but first I need to go to the restroom. Hahahahaha and I only wish I was kidding.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eph the Government

So I am trying to go back to school so I can be smart and be like everyone else. Today I found out that I have an academic hold so I can't register for classes til I talk to a counselor and because my last name starts with a W I get to meet with the worst one of all. Mr. Z, incredibly nice man, incredibly bad at counselling. Five years ago, while I was working at the registrars office, I got to know Mr. Z and all of his mistakes. Student after student came to me with problems and I would be like well how did that happen and they would say oh Mr. Z helped me. Ha and then comes the matter of paying for it. I was going to try to pay for it all my own but recent developments have made that not possible and that's fine. The problem is my parents and I make too much money for grants so all that I qualify for are loans. To be very blunt, loans sound like a suck butt deal. If the ephing government can give 5 million dollars to save a fish in California I think they could give me a couple thousand to go to school. Not that I agree with mooching off the government but sometimes you just have to play their games. Darn it! If only my parents were divorced or I was a single mother. Well hey there's an idea. Single mom's get to cash in on everything. OK see you guys, I have something I've got to go do. Just kidding . . . well kind of.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SO Whats been happening?

Whats going on Shauntae? Oh you know the usual, finding out I have asthma, going camping, have a handful of small break downs and one large one, and a whole lot of fun. That's about it. Being mildly asthmatic is not that fun and after not even a week I got sick of taking the inhaler and stopped. Camping with my family was a blast and I wish I could be a mountain woman. Cramps and crying are a dangerous combination and one that has been haunting my life for the last week. But life is good and I shouldn't complain.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ridiculously Happy

These things make me absolutely ridiculously happy. Funny Face is one of my all time favorite movies. I love Audrey and Fred and I love them together. Also I love Perry Como and one time my grandma gave me an autographed picture of him. Really these things make me smile til I am giddy and silly. I hope you enjoy. I tried to embed them but I couldn't so here are some links.

This is for some Perry Como:


AND here is for some Audrey and Funny Face:


You must have been a beautiful baby cause I love your funny face. I am incredibly cheesy and I really believe I was born in the wrong decade.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Happy 4th everyone. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday for a list of reasons. And here is that list:

1: I LOVE our country. We are so blessed.
2: I LOVE fireworks. Really there is not a whole lot that is better than fireworks.
3: Red, white, and blue. Those colors look so good together and on every individual.
4: Face painting, carnival games, BBQ's.
5: It is in the summer and summer is my favorite season.
6: Swimming and sun tan lines. I always go swimming on the 4th.
7: Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and water melon. Now I don't actually like water melon but it goes with the 4th and summer so I like the idea of it.
8: Everything. I love everything about the 4th of July.

This year is sounding like its going to be extra fantastic. It will start with the city pool and the best Hydro tube in town then the world famous Gunlock rodeo. Then early Saturday a flag ceremony, followed with some patriotic Tea Party attending and then more hydro tubing. Later that evening food will be enjoyed and some country singing at the Sun Bowl. Woot Woot! Then END the day with sun kissed cheeks and as many fireworks as I can handle. Happy Independence Day Everyone! We live in the greatest country on the planet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I got Punk'd. Its Saturday, 8 in the morning, my phone goes off. Its a text from man boss. There are pancakes downstairs, you should come down and eat some breakfast. I should have stayed in bed. After eating 3 pancakes and a pile of scrambled eggs, then comes this " What are you doing today? I need some muscle." I should have run and gotten back into bed. I say "Well I am just waiting for Steph to get up so we can play." I should have lied and said I was super busy, swamped with plans. "Great. Then, now that you've had a good breakfast, you can help in me the back yard." I really should have gotten my keys and run drove as far as I could. This is what I had to do to earn the 3 pancakes and pile of eggs that I had already eaten:

It may not look like a lot but trust me it is and it was heavy. Guess how many black widows we killed on those pieces of wood? At least 5. We also killed endless amounts of daddy long legs. They have green guts BTW. Now my entire body is sore and any energy I had for the day is now gone. I will not be fooled again, the next time I am offered food I am just going to take it and run.

Friday, June 19, 2009

No Name

I am tired of coming up with titles. You wouldn't think it would be such a big deal but for some reason it is and it is the reason that I have slacking in posting lately. I just don't know what to name my little blurbs and names are very important to me. For my birthday one year, I got a beta fish, that later got dropped down the garbage disposal but it survived, and I spent at least a week deciding a name for him. When I finally settled on Sergio, a very large burden was finally lifted. Pretty much everything in my life has a name, my family members all have names, the kids I watch have names, my toys have names, my Ipod has a name, I even have a name. A lot of people name their cars, I have yet to name mine cause I can not decide on a name and its been stressing me for the 4 years that I have had it. It is a white car and at one point in my life I was obsessed with spearmint lifesavers, so I almost named it lifesaver but then decided against it because I don't want people to mistake it for oh what a life saver. No I was not thinking my car saves my life, I was thinking about candy. Then somehow, I have started collecting Mexican marionette puppets. So far I have 2, their names are El Guapo and Santiago, I thought about putting them in my car and then naming my car Bajio. I decided against that cause I am mistaken enough for a Mexican as it is and I didn't want to make matters worse. Names mean so much to me, that I have decided my children will have 4 or 5 names each. There are so many names I like, but I don't plan on having that many children so I just have to make the most of it. For example, I will have a daughter named Margaret Jane Pearl Enter Last Name here. What lucky offspring mine will be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Were We even a Couple?

Last night I got dumped. The nice boy finally got sick of me and my being a "roller coaster" as he put it. Hahaha I am sorry I laugh every time I think about this. So he comes over to hang out and he looked like he was on the verge of crying which annoyed me. I have enough issues of my own, I don't want to be bothered with his and he's a man, suck it up. Anyway he's over and falls asleep so I spend the time on the phone with Steph my best friend. When I get off the phone and go back to where he is, he tells me he is going to leave. SO I say OK sorry I was on the phone and he said "Look this isn't working for me, I can't take the up and down. We just have 2 different personalities" I say "OK that's fine" inside trying real hard not to laugh and thinking finally, I am so glad he is finally doing this so I didn't have to. And he just went on and on with the same we're so different. Finally I said "I don't have hurt feelings about it. I am sorry though if I ever hurt your feelings I never meant to" and he said, still looking like he was about to cry, "OK I appreciate that." Awkward silence. "Well I need to give the kids a bath, have a nice night" is what I said and he was gone. I waited what I thought was a decent amount of time and bust up laughing for a good 10 minutes. I am so so mean but I was like I just got dumped and we weren't even in a relationship. It was nice to learn that in the end, he finally had enough gumption to stand up for himself and tell me he had had enough of my attitude. I am going to go to hell for the way I treat some people and I probably deserve it. And I am still laughing about it today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Hair Cute

Wow I never really understood people when they talk about being super busy and I probably still don't but this week I have felt busy. Pretending that I know what I am doing when trying to teach the kids some stuff this summer makes me feel like I am always running around doing stuff. I am more used to the laid back do whatever we want life. Oh well I suppose. This weekend is to be spent in the north with family and my best friend Stephanie Rose, my how I miss her. Since her leaving, I feel like I have become a recluse. Sure I hang out with people sometimes but mostly I stay home and read and I prefer that. I am currently reading Gone With the Wind. What a fantastic book, I highly enjoy it. I only worry about the fact that I would rather be lost in the world of Georgie in the 1860's then in the real world. Civil War torn Atlanta is more appealing to me than going to dinner with friends. It is this that I wonder if I should feel concerned about myself. Yesterday I got my hair cut real short. I love it and its ability to have mow hawks. Its real crazy, just like my life feels lately.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And so It Continues

Friday I said goodbye to my best friend with a farewell lunch at 25 Main, our favorite little cafe' and our friend Joey owns it so it is always real fun to go there. After goodbyes, I made my way to Richfield to witness the graduation of my little brother Cody. Only 2 siblings left to graduate, I feel incredibly old but just kidding I don't at all. Friday night, there was a fight with me and my sisters. There was punching and pinching and yelling, and then crying, and then laughing. The next day I started my period. Hahaha being a girl is so beautiful. Saturday after a bridal shower for my cousin, I came back to St. George and the "Black Hole". The family that I nanny for, their last name is Black and jokingly they said "You can't get out of the Black Hole, then evil laugh." They are incredibly correct. I now have nightmares that involve me trying to scratch my way out of a big black hole and escape the slimy grip of three children and two adults. Finally just as I think I've made it out, their grip tightens and I'm reduced to saying "Fine I'll stay, now get your slimy hands off me." Last week, with the stress of moving and my best friend and I getting a divorce, I was a real crankzilla when the nice, good boy came to spend time with me. I thought for sure my cussing and saying mean things about every object in my house that I had to pack, would for sure scare him off. Unfortunately I was wrong and I have a date with him tonight. I am thinking that if I write "Hey I'm just not that into you" on a cake it would be a nice way to break it to him. But when Steph told her Ethan of the bad news is best received on a cake idea, he said that he would just throw the cake at me, but maybe I would like that. I like cake. I guess I'll just have to man up and tell him that I'm pregnant even though I'm not. That should scare him off, right? Hahaha just kidding, I would never do that . . . well, maybe. Sometimes I think I could be one of the worst people alive, but at least I make myself laugh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

April Fool's

So as it turns out I will be staying in St. George. I am sad and broken hearted about me and my best friend splitting up but I for the most part I feel real good about staying. I'll be living with boss family which isn't ideal but I have already threatened the kids to stay out of "my room" so it should be tolerable. Now on to boys. There is a boy that likes me. He is very nice, finished with school, has a real job, a temple recommend. He takes me on dates and always pays, even though I offer sometimes, he is a real great catch and I am completely not interested. But there is another boy, a bad boy with a tattoo, who is always trying to get me to do naughty things, never takes me on dates, rarely showers and I am completely in love with him. What is wrong here? I do not know for sure but I think I have some issues. I do not really know how to tell nice boy that I am not interested. Really when is a good time to bring up the I know you are crushing on me but I am not crushing on you conversation? What to do? What to do?

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Fantastically Strange Weekend

Friday morning, bright and early, like at 6, I was up and headed to Orem for a job interview. The world is a real ugly place that early in the morning, when your eyes are too tired to open all the way. My interview went well until I found out that the job I was interviewing for was not the job I thought but interviews are always good things to do. So I have no job in Orem yet but that is being worked on, if any of you know of anything I would appreciate the help. Bummed and annoyed about the job interview, I stopped at Smith's to enjoy the smell of donuts and pick up a card for my cousin that got married that morning. While at Smith's, I was interviewed by their marketing slash advertising team. For 10 minutes of answering some questions and getting my picture taken, I got 25 dollars to spend at Smith's. And who knows I'll probably become famous cause some talent agent will see my picture and want to make me the next big super model. Feeling real good about my 25 dollars, I headed to Kanosh to partake in a wedding of my cousins that included dragon's and fairies and lots of chocolate. What a mystical event it was. I did get to see some family though and that was nice. Also I was glad to not be a bridesmaid in homemade little girl dresses that were too big. Saturday I got a wild hair (literally) and requested that my sister Jenika make my hair into a faux hawk. Hahaha it was fantastic. And of course we sprayed it green.

That night was a date with a real cute boy named Jacob. I find myself being incredibly attracted to this boy and want to kiss him but I am trying this new thing where I'm not so easy. So far I don't like it much. Sunday night dinner was made for me by a boy trying to win my affections. Trying too hard to win my affections I should say. Gosh being charming is real hard. And now its Monday, 1:30 on Monday and I have no idea where this day has gone. I guess chasing chickens and watching Transformers with a 5 year old is exactly the kind of fun that makes time fly. Its a beautiful world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Wow its been one whole week since my last post. It seems like such a long time ago. What fun I have had in this last week. I got over my sinus infection! That alone is worth celebrating, I can smell lilac bushes and all the pretty blossoms and I can taste my food! I want to try to recap my week for you all but I just can't remember it all so I'll just give you some highlights. First I have been learning how to long board, I have made some cool new friends, a lot of swimming, floating down the river on tubes, bruising my butt pretty badly on a rock in the river, learning the hard way that I need to keep bottoms up when floating down a murky river. Pole dancing, chicken game, getting asked out on a date by a cute boy from Mt. Pleasant, deciding to move to Salt Lake at the end of the month, seeing my Mom on Mothers day, more swimming. And no doing laundry like I am really out of underwear cause I am never home to do my laundry, I am close to having to go commando but with it being so hot here I kind of like the idea of no undies, haha. Just Kidding, but not really. I have quite a busy month ahead that I am sure will be full of break downs cause moving is sad but I am excited for it. I am feeling real happy inside and I feel very blessed to have such supports in my life including but not limited to: my family, my nanny family, my best friends and everyone I love so much.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dumb Dumb

I have not been well recently. So sad. My mother has been putting the pressure on me to go to the doctor. She used the "I will send your father to St. George to take you to the doctor if you do not take yourself" trick on me. So after at least a day of getting text from my mom that said things like "should I pack your dad's bag?" and "So what did the doctor say?", I gave in and went to the doctor. Doctors are a strange bunch and say weird things. I love when they are sticking instruments up my nose and saying things like "wow its real packed up there isn't it?" and "that looks awful." Turns out I have a sinus infection and my sinus' are incredibly "packed" which explains the never ending stabbing pains in my head and face. Now after 15 hours or so on an antibiotic and decongestant, I still have a headache and lack the ability to breath through my nose. But here's to doctors and quick recoveries.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Summer is upon us down here in the Dixie. It is hot and I love it. It does however make it hard for me to have any desire to be inside working. Alex (the 5 year old I watch) and I spend our time laying on the grass and riding bikes. Gee I hope my bosses don't realize that I am not getting anything done. They need a pool too or at least just easier access to a pool. I love to swim and I love the warm. I hear that it is going to be getting cold again this weekend and to that I say "peace out sucka's Steph and I are going to Vegas". Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is half way through already!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anyone up For a Good Old Fashion Bra Burning?

Yesterday I went to the Southern Utah Tea Party. Why? Because I don't approve of big government and big government spending. It was a really fun time. There was live music, free food, lots of signs, and a lot of people that are as bugged as I am with the government. Who knew that protesting could be so much fun? We should do it more often. If any of you start a protest for something, I am totally in. Well maybe, it depends on what you are protesting. Another thing, rock climbing boys from Indiana with adorable little accents and tattoos are so cute and I love them. Well I am infatuated with them but saying love is shorter and I know what I mean so whatev.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love is in the Air

I am in love. First I am in love with my roommates zebra print shirt that she lets me borrow.

Second I am in love with our new bikes that we got and have been riding around in circles like mad women. We even rode them to church on Sunday. Yep in skirts and everything.
Third I am in love with the fact that we had a note left on our bikes while at church that invited us to join their cruiser bike gang. Fourth I am in love with the fact that we already knew who it was and I have always been infatuated with this boy and how cool he is.
Fifth I am in love with the bike ride I went on with him and "his crew" as he calls them.
And 6th I love that he is taking my rock climbing today after work. I am just giddy like a school girl. He is just cool.

I am also in love with the picture of me and Steph riding off into the sunset on our bikes. And I love my beautiful roommate slash best friend forever and ever slash sister wife. I love spring and beautiful best friends and boys that are so cool. :) this is all I can do.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Sorry guys, gee I don't know where I have been but obviously not anywhere near blog world. To continue on with my story: After searching high and low for that Hawaiian dream boat, and after using all of my best poses, I decided to put finding a man aside and began hunting for that one special muumuu. This involved alot of walking and trying muumuu's on, something that I did not mind at all. I was looking for the muumuu that said yes I stay in the house all day and I'm proud of it, but one that I could also be somewhat ashamed but not be too ashamed to wear it to Larsen's Frostop when I get home. Lets start at the very beginning:

This muumuu was pretty and I thought you know if I spilled anything on it no one would be able to tell. It was the first one I looked at and I didn't want to settle too quickly. So I continued to shop around. This next muumuu was not enough muumuu for me. It was too pretty, very comfortable, but I'd actually wear in public without an ounce of shame and I was looking for just a little bit of embarrassment. Let's move on.

This muumuu with the purple flowers, I fell in love with it. The fabric was fantastic, it was too short, all the old ladies in Hawaii wear ones like this. I was in muumuu heaven, but it was almost 60 dollars. Way way too much for a muumuu. Then at Walmart, I found these. They are perfect, and they're see through. Exactly what I wanted so I purchased 2, and Steph and I wore them to the Frostop as soon as I got home.

After finding THE muumuu's, I was so happy I forgot all about trying to find a man and just enjoyed myself. Enjoy the pictures of me enjoying myself. I also apologize for anyone that may have wanted to see real pictures of Hawaii. I am only good at taking pictures of myself. I can get some real pictures of Hawaii upon request for anyone that is desperate to see my second home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let the Search Begin

I am looking for a Hawaiian love and the Muumuu that sets my heart on fire. Every journey begins with a single step, and mine started with me as a pack mule for the nanny family. Kids have a lot of stuff. Man boss decided it would be good for all the kids to have their own activity bags, in the form of back packs that are heavy with pillows and blankets and books. The children are then supposed to carry these bags all through the airport and 2 connections we need to make. Children are weak and they're babies. I knew this would happen, which is why I protested the back packs and I lost. I really lost, but I was on the way to Hawaii so whatever.

After a very long long day, we finally arrive in Kauai and the relaxing/ finding a man begins. The next day, bosses stop at Costco to some grocery shopping while the kids and I wait in the car. I think perfect, I will work on my tan and also try to snag some attention from the locals. So I chose to go with this pose. It says Hey I'm here, I'm relaxed, I know how to be Hawaiian. The only attention this yielded was from the local high school boy gathering carts in the parking lot. And the only reason it got his attention was because I had to ask him to take this picture.

I thought ok I have got to step this up a notch, and put my shoes back on cause this ground is hot. So I did this:

I think it says hey I'm here and I'm fun, but again nothing. Time to break out the skin. My thought was hey I've got a swim suit on, I'll just pull my shirt up to my swim suit top and my stomach will be getting some tan. This did not work either, and laying on the seat weird like that resulted in some bruises in weird places.

Then bosses got back and it was time to hit the road. Better luck next time. Maybe the beach will be better. More to choose from than a costco parking lot.

Then again maybe not. Oh I know I'll look on a spouting horn.

Nope and the water's too low, the horn isn't even spouting.
AHA Finally Boys! Surfing boys.

Good thing I always look my best when I am at the beach.

Too bad the surfing boys were too busy surfing to notice me, but at least I got to see some boys and that made me feel like this:

The rest of the story will be continued another time, sorry time to get to work a little bit.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have a lot of pictures that I need to upload that will add to the sharing of my Hawaii stories. For some reason, I can't seem to find the time to do it. I mean at work today, I painted my fingernails, ate Easter candy, and listened to music on myspace. Really, where was I supposed to fit in blog time? Since returning from HI I have had a hard and fun time adjusting. The past week I have walked around with a bottle of water in one hand and a bottle of lotion in the other and still my skin feels very tight. Also the drinking of so much water has led to a lot of bathroom going, so much so that I no longer see the need to do up my pants. That's right, I have been walking around with my pants zipped up, but not buttoned up and I must say, I enjoy it far more than I should. I've also enjoyed the increase of butt crack showing that this has produced. TO add to my list, I have been bombarded with hay fever and am suffering greatly. I thought the drowning myself with water would help but it has not and I am left sounding like a smoker due to my stuffy nose and sore throat. I must also say that I enjoy sounding a little husky, far more than I should. I think my new motto is: Find joy in the simple pleasures.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well I am back. Big fat frowny face. I am pretty jet lagged and feeling pretty cranky. My trip was fantastic and I seriously could live there. St. George is windy and dry and after living in the tropics for two weeks, my throat, nose and skin are all shriveled up coming back to where it is so stinkin dry. I plan to feel better on Monday, and that is when I shall share all of my Kauai fun. While there I was trying my hardest to attract a mate, so I can live there of course. Monday I will share the results of that search and the search for the perfect muumuu's for me and Steph. What a wonderful adventure. Don't tell my bosses but I plan on a nap at work today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bon Voyage!

I can not believe it is here already. I leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Everything is pretty much packed, now its time for the day to drag and drag til finally we are on the plane. I don't suppose I will post much while I am gone, so goodbye to all my little loves. I'll see you in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Like Nanny Like 8 year old?

Today at work, I was making my rounds, gathering laundry, making sure beds were made when I come across this note taped to Trevor's door.

If you can't see it, it says : Doese not need cleannig. I think haha Trevor is cute and funny and his room does look very nice. So I think great and I just go in to gather his laundry from his closet. That is where I find this:

It is a tub of cookie dough. I pick it up to find it completely empty. I just start laughing cause 2 things went through my head. 1: He probably only cleaned his room so I wouldn't come in here and find this and 2: I used to do this all the time, except with frosting. If and when I ever got caught, I would blame it on my brother Justin. Something that to this day I feel guilty about. I plan on writing him a letter or something to apologize. I just can't seem to find the words to say. Justin I am sorry for the hundreds of times you got in trouble for eating the cookies or the frosting or any snack in the house when really it was me. We'll see I am sure that I can think of something. I think it is so funny and I wonder if all kids do this or if it's just me and Trevor.

And here is a picture of my hair cut. I really love it but I don't feel that this picture really shows how funky cool the hair cut is. I think it will be a great hair cut for the summer and Hawaii.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dancing, Whiplash, and Ducks

This weekend has been the most fantastic weekend I have had in a long while. Friday Steph and I hit up a concert put on by a band called We Shot the Moon and it was fantastic. We danced for 2 hours straight and out of the 100 hundred people that were in attendance at the concert, we were the only ones dancing. The bands were very impressed with our moves and our stamina, so we were invited to hang out with them after the show so we did. The house 2 of the bands were staying at, were crowded so in true groupie fashion, we invited them to stay at our homeless shelter. It was fun to wake up to stinky musicians laying on our floor and couches. Dancing 2 hours, staying up til 3, then waking up at 7 to go run is bad for my body. These past 2 days have been spent trying to recover from Friday night. Saturday I got my hair cut in a super cute, punk rocker sort of way and I love it. I will post a pic as soon as I get one that looks cute. Saturday afternoon, I attended a baby shower for a friend from high school and had a blast with her, her mom and her sister. And Saturday night, Steph and I joined her friends at the showing of a musical called 110 in the Shade. I had a real enjoyable time, I also enjoyed sleeping in til 12 today and going on a nice nature walk with me sister/sheltermate. I leave for Hawaii soon and I am really looking forward to that. Well more tomorrow.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's Your Name Again?

I have recently been spending time with a boy I'll call Eric. On Sunday, I had an FHE committee meeting after church, Eric was also at this meeting. Now we had introduced ourselves when I first started to go to that ward and exchange hello, how are you's when we see each other. Sunday after our meeting was over, we started chatting and ended spending the entire afternoon together and he got my number before he left. We talked on Monday but didn't see each other. First impression is I think he may be a little bit of a player. Tuesday we watched a movie and talked til like 2 and I am thinking "OK I like how this is going, nice and slow and we'll just see." Last night, we got together again and had a good time talking. I can not remember what exactly we were talking about but he called me Cheyenne. I call him out on it with a "What did you just call me?" Then he realized his mistake and starts apologizing profusely. I just laugh it off and think nothing of it. Maybe its the lack of sleep I've had the last couple of nights but this morning, I wake up and find myself extremely annoyed that he called me the name of an 18 year old girl in our ward. I talk to Steph and she agrees that that was an idiot thing to do even on accident. Then I get a male perspective and tell my friend Spencer about it and I tell him I am annoyed. He offers me some suggestions as to why this boy would make this mistake and then says "Even if it was a mistake, it shows a lack of attention and focus on his part and I understand why you would be annoyed" and I say that is it! That is why I am so annoyed by it and cause that just kinda sealed the deal on my thought that he really is a player. I think I'll start phasing him out, at least I can get back on my good sleeping schedule.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hawaii Come Faster PLEASE

Ugh I do not want to work. This is what I need to get done today: 2 weeks worth of ironing, go through Trevor and Kenna's clothes and get rid of too small, too holey, too stained; go through toys and get rid of most of them, make a poster for Alex's birthday at preschool, get a snack for preschool, and of course do the regular house work. I am not in a bad mood in any way, I am in a I want to do nothing and just be in Hawaii already mood. The thought of looking at tags on children's clothes all afternoon makes me gag and send my brain into a tissy fit of headaches. 9 days til I get to chill out on a beach. Please Please Please let the time fly. Oh and this past weekend, 2 boys asked for my number. I feel like a real cutie and 1 of them has actually called me and we are getting together tomorrow night.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

To Do List

Item 1: Tell everyone how much you love your cutie blog. I love my blog and I think it is so cute and I am so glad I finally figured out how to make it cute.
Item 2: Try to sleep in but fail.
Item 3: Make fun of a girl I don't know, but have heard all sorts of dirty things about.
Item 4: Make up a name for said whore. "Horby Drops her pants a lot"
Item 5: Try on half of Steph's clothes.
Item 6: Mail rent Checks. Boo I hate this one.
Item 7: Spend morning at the computer lab making a roll for your FHE group.
Item 8: While at computer lab, waste time on blogs and facebook before making roll.
Item 9: Lunch
Item 10: Nap
Item 11: Feed ducks the loaf of bread that my neighbor brought me and it was delicious but I can't eat anymore.
Item 11: Spend the rest of the day laying around and watching TV and daydreaming about cowboys while waiting for Steph to get home.

Saturday is a special day and I am glad to say I am half way through my list already and its not even 11 yet.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ramble On

Here I will tell you the never ending circle of thoughts that often lead me to forgetting things, feeling confused, and make blurbs of sentences that do not make any sense come out of my mouth. I will start by saying one thing that is one my mind and just go with it. Sometimes Mr. Harwood would do this to us in English, he would give us one word and then let us write down everything that came to mind. I loved it. Ants. I just wagged a 2 hour battle in my bosses kitchen against ants that have taken over. I hate ants and bugs of any kind really. Cleaning ants off a counter is disgusting and I hate feeling like they are crawling all over me. Where do they even come from and why is this 409 not killing them. If a human drank a bottle of it they would die, why is it not working on these ants? Remember that episode of Criminal Minds the other night when the lady killer was poisoning her victims and then she drank the rat poison herself just when they were about to arrest her. That was a good one, if I were ever to be murdered I would hope that they would not bury me alive, or make me drink poison. I for sure do not want to die by something being jabbed in my eye. Why am I thinking of ways to die? I watch too many 1000 ways to die show and murder shows. Stupid ants. Aunts I like aunt Bonnie and Aunt Chris, why are they the only ones I call aunt in front of their names? Man last night on ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew) I loved Quest Crew. Those little Asian boys are so cute, I hope they win. Boy am I tired. And I still feel like I have ants crawling on me. I can not wait til I can go home and shower. Hooray its the weekend. And I am done. This is fun for me to ramble on. Another thing I keep thinking is I think I am over it the whole ex-BF thing. Sure I still think he is a total idiot but I don't care. Am I ready for another relationship? No way but I could go for a series of NCMO's (non committal make outs) but no one tell my mom I said that. Hooray its Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 Dwarfs and Sometimes Giants

Here in St. George, spring comes about a month earlier than everywhere else in the state and that means allergy season does too. It all started a couple of days ago, a sneeze here, a sneeze there, no big deal. Yesterday, more sneezing, watery eyes, and a slight running of the nose, thought nothing of it. I won't be BASHFUL about telling you all how I feel or how I feel about it. I love spring, spring makes me very HAPPY, but the allergies that come with it make me GRUMPY. I don't go to the DOC for it or take medicine for them. Every allergy medicine, even if its non drowsy, makes me SLEEPY and a bit DOPEY. It puts me into an even bigger fog than the pressure behind my eyes does. So for 3 months, sometimes longer, I just have to put up with the sinus headache and just deal with being SNEEZY. Mostly they are just dwarfs of a problem but some days, they are giants. Today they are giants of a problem. Ha I thought this was so cheesy and clever of me. Bashful and Doc were the hardest ones to work in and I think are the ones that make it so cheesy. The rest I could have used and no one would have even thought anything of it I bet.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Weekend

Friday morning, i get a text from a friend of mine who has been down lately and he suggest we go to California this weekend. I say OK and he says great but my tires are bad lets take your car. OK but my bank account is bad lets use your money and I'm not gonna kiss you so don't even think to try anything, he says OK. At 1 o'clock on Friday afternoon we're off, we get to Cali about 6 their time and get a room and then decide to go to a movie and to dinner. So we saw Taken, so so good BTW and we eat at olive garden. The next morning, after watching 3 hours of One Tree Hill and deciding it is too cloudy to go to the beach we decide to go to a zoo. The zoo in Vegas to be exact. What a sad little zoo it is, all it really has are a bunch of birds and pigeons. Gross. They did have 2 lions and an alligator and some other animals that were given to them by the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo sends them their animals to "retire" aka to die. That zoo really did make me sad. But we did get free cake cause one of the animals was turning 17 or something. We are awesome for driving to Cali just to do dinner and a movie. It was a nice, funny get away and he didn't try anything so that was a big plus. But now he isn't talking to me so maybe he is bugged that I really didn't actually put out at all. Ha oh well. Oh yeah, last week at the ballet, which was awesome, I ran into ex-BF's mom. It was so so nice to see her and she said that they all missed me and that ex-BF's nieces and nephew were calling him the dump truck. Hahaha I loved that so much and I know that no one needs to pick sides but I like that his family would pick mine. I just loved it and seeing her, I really do miss that family.