Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

BF and I are no longer. I can and will do much much better than someone who finds the need to criticize every move I make. I actually look forward to finding someone who's head is not so far up their butt they don't even see that they are doing something wrong. I cried for about ten minutes last night and thats it. That says something right. Like I totally know he was not nice and I can do better. Sure he had his nice moments but OVER ALL he is not nice. I'm also looking forward to finding someone that does not think they are above everyone else. Over all I don't feel very bad or sad about breaking up with him. I mean he basically broke up with me three weeks ago when he told me he hasn't been happy at all and again used that as another chance to take my so called "flaws" and throw them in my face, like he did every other chance he got. I think the biggest thing that "bugged him about me" was me. He was not happy with anything I did and quiet frankly I am happy that I can finally be myself and not get in trouble with anyone for it. He hates when I post things on my blog about him Ha I wonder how he'll feel about this post thats completely about him and its not even good things being said. Suck on that ex-BF.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hey Santa

After so many people asking me what I want for Christmas I finally decided I should make a list. So I have spent much time on the internet finding things I would enjoy receiving for Christmas. Here is my grown up Christmas List:

1) Flannel Pajama's (my friend Jed reminded me that they make flannel pj's and thats all I can think about now)
2) David Cook's Album (he is such a babe)
3) Blankets, Blankets, Blankets (once I leave my bosses house I'll be back to living in a refridgerator)
4) Jeans (Every pair I own has holes in them and it is so stinking hard to find jeans that fit right)
5) Any movie with Audrey Hepburne, Bing Crosby, and or Fred Astaire in it
6) New scriptures (well maybe, mine are falling apart but I can't imagine parting with them)
7) Any weird looking vases, picture frames, pictures, ect. for my house (I enjoy odd pieces. Mine and Steph's house is very interesting)
8) A motorized spinning toothbrush thing (cause its fun when my teeth vibrate:)
9) A new make up bag (I have had the same one since I won it on graduation night)
10) A cute glasses case to hold my eye glasses(I just have an ugly black one that is partially broken cause I sat on it)

I think that is a pretty good list. Please note that my favorite colors are purple, pink, yellow, red, and grey but dark grey not light grey, and sometimes orange. Thank you Santa. Love Shauntae

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day ? I lost Count

Seriously how long have I been here? I am stranded on this loud, toys everywhere island. I find myself staring out the window wondering if I am really dreaming or lost, I feel like I have been admitted to the insane hospital. Everything looks so familiar and yet so strange at the same time. Then it snowed yesterday, all day long, and today it is icy cold. I can still see my breath. That seeing your breath crap is supposed to be over by 8 in the morning. This is St. George for crying out loud. What is going on? Just kidding. Things have not been bad at all. Last night BF came over and we had a very enjoyable night watching White Christmas. And this morning Alex made me laugh very hard when this happened: I hear screaming and grunting in frustration and I go to see what is the matter. "What's wrong Alex?" I asked. "It peed on me. Agh, you see, this is why I hate penises." he practically yells and cries this out at the same time. He hadn't made it to the bathroom in time and peed his pants a little bit. Hahaha I have been laughing about it all day long. Seriously though I feel as though I have been here for 11 years. Please make the days move by faster.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Heroic Tales of Nannyhood : Day 3

I am going crazy. Thats right its only day three and I could die from all the little children everywhere. I'm exhausted, I smell weird(Alex keeps farting while he is sitting on my lap) and I am not ready to be a mom yet so why am I mom? Tonight Alex and I went on a date to Chili's while Kenna and Trevor went to see the Nutcracker with their aunt and cousins. Lucky dogs. I was also tagged by Steph.

8 TV Shows I enjoy watching:
1: The Hills
2: The Office
3: Food Network Challenges(only when they do cakes and gingerbread houses not dumb ones like best BBQ ribs or something)
4: Criminal Minds
5: CSI:Miami
6: What Not To Wear
7: Dirty Jobs
8: Gilmore Girls (anytime and everytime its on)

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1: Had a flu
2: Bought a White Christmas!
3: Had a nap
4: Saw Santa
5: drove down 2 streets that every house had lights on it
6: Had another nap
7: sobbed for 20 minutes with no aparant reason (I hate being a girl)
8: had nap #3

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1: Bosses getting home
3:My Brother calling on Christmas
4: A day off
5: More than 1 day off in a row
6: the fat paycheck I will get when this horrible 2 weeks is up
7: the kids going to bed
8: me going to bed

8 Things I love about Winter (and I say Christmas..):
1: the music
2: the lights
3: cinnamon pine cones
4: peppermint everything
5: Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree
6: seeing family
7: gaining 500 lbs.
8: not caring that I gained 500 lbs. til the new year

8 Things on my wish list:
1: bosses come home sooner
2: my very own sewing machine
3: a soft cushy bathrobe
4: peace on earth
5: a year supply of toilet paper
6: never to see a pregnant belly (they are weird, really weird)
7: 1 month in Hawaii
8: move to Hawaii

8 People I tag... I am not going to tag anyone but if you wish to do this tag feel free.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 2: Too Much Info

I would just like to warn everyone that this post is going to fall into the TMI category. As I may have mentioned I have not been feeling well lately. I have some sort of horrible flu and have had it for the last couple of days. This morning I woke up and it took a turn for the worst. My skin has never been so white and I felt like in my stomache someone was running a marathon and I was getting their leg cramps. If that even makes sense, I mean I have been having the worst stomache cramps all day long. At bosses house the fans in their bathrooms have timers on it, you can choose for it to be on 5, 10, 15 minutes and so forth. I was sitting in the bathroom thinking gee which one will do it 5? 10? 15? Really do you think 15 minutes Shauntae is it really that bad? If you catch my drift. You are all probably thinking why are you writing this and well I just don't know why except I think its funny. Miserable day until after my third nap then I finally began to feel a little better. Who knows what the 4 year old trouble maker Alex was doing while I slept. Tonight I took the nuggets to see Santa and this is the first year Alex has been very serious about seeing the big guy. Alex waited in line for 45 minutes or longer and he was very well behaved the entire time. I thought he must be gettin sick or he is real serious about this Santa business. Turns out he was real serious, he talked to Santa for a good 5 minutes and would have kept going if he was allowed but there was still a line behind us. All in all today was an ok day, seeing Santa made my whole day. Now if only my stomache would feel better. And remember I did warn.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heroic Tales of Nannyhood: Day 1

Well bosses have just left for their almost two week long vacay. Super lame but I am feeling optimistic. Although I am not feeling great, (a little stomache ache and light headedness probably left over from the stomache flu I've had the past couple of days) I still intend to start the kids on a schedule that suits me best and I believe will suit them well. Dinner will be at 6:30 every night and bed time at 8:30 then up at 7:20 in the morning and off to school by ten to 8. Then the rest of the day me and Alex will do as we please. No going to bed at 11 or later, not while I'm in charge. If only my headache would go away I would be in a better mood. Due to light headedness I have hit my head twice today I am sure I will have bruises. Hey bosses aren't here I can go have a nap. Maybe I'll throw a party or throw Alex of a balcony, I can do whatever I want, Woot Woot!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Roses and Wood

Last night, Steph's new boy toy named Justin came over to watch the Christmas devotional with us. We knew he would be bringing us a load of wood for our wood burning stove that is our only source of heat for our home but he also surprised us with some flowers. He brought Stephanie a rose AND he brought me one. Probably just trying to score points with the best friend but I certainly did not mind the buttering me up. And flowers were just what I needed after the lame monday I had. I just think he is a real cutie pie and I think Stephanie should kiss him sometime soon. I mean after the flowers and the fires he starts for us (I always give BF a kiss when he starts a fire for us, even if he doesn't want me to) and all the nice things he says to her I think he deserves a little kiss. Bosses are going on a trip. They leave tomorrow and don't get back til the 21st. How will I survive? I am not sure that I will. But with little breaks here and there and visits from BF and Steph I think I can make it through. I hope I can make it through. It makes me sick to my stomache just thinking about it. Or maybe I am getting some serious illness that will land me in the hospital just in time so my bosses won't leave or someone else will have to watch the kids and that will make me lose 20 pounds. I can only hope.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Worst Monday Ever

This has been the worst monday of the year and its only half over. I got a speeding ticket and was twenty minutes late for pickin gup Alex from preschool because of it. He was the slowesr cop ever and I hate when they drop your speed by 5 and act like they just gave you a gift and did a huge favor. I know that they don't have to drop it and that it is nice of them to do that but an even better thing to do would be to not write me a ticket at all. I know I am just being targeted because I'm a thug. I swear I was not speeding. And can I just say that I am so tired of those who think it is their place to tell everyone else what they are doing wrong. This weekend was real great. I got to have a lot of Christmas fun and I got to see a lot of family that I miss so much. We had our family Christmas party and Cody got teased relentlessly by my uncles and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Its so nice to be around people who love me for me and they don't care if I do my hair or if I don't eat all my vegetables or how I drive or any stupid little things like that. Its so nice to be around that. I wish I was more often. I feel really picked on today. The life of a thug is hard. I wish everyone was nicer to everyone else. Thats what I want for Christmas. And if someone wanted to pay my speeding ticket that would be a very good Christmas gift.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pray for our Bathroom

I should be ironing about two hundred pounds of clothes right now. I hate ironing. I love to procrastinate until bosses have no clothes left to wear. I used to take it to the dry cleaners and let them iron it all but then bosses figured out what I was doing and said I had to stop. Bummer. Last night BF and I went to dinner and after that he let me shower in his shower. My bathroom is torn to shreds. It all started with some leaking water on the floor and a wall in the shower caving in. We called our landlord and he came to fix it. First they tore one and a half walls off to fix the plumbing. With no walls in our bathroom, it has been a game of hmm where should I shower tonight? Who will buy me dinner and let me shower at their house? Its a wonder we still have friends. The tearing down of walls and the fixing of the plumbing took one day and gave us the false hope that it would be done quickly and soon we could have our bathroom again. Nope then came the dry wallers to fix the walls, they have taken a week and its still not finished yet. And then came the discovery of termites. So today the terminators and the dry waller will be back and hopefully get it done. Then tomorrow the men who will install the shower will be here and with any luck at all it will be finished and we can shower at our own house. I try to avoid going home as much as I can because our one and only bathroom being unuseable brings tears and fits of giggles and the chanting of "Unreal. Something new everyday. Why am I crying and laughing at the same time? Where did our mirror go?" I hate our bathroom. BF's mom is teaching me how to knit. Last night I sat down to practice some and I got the first step completed and could not remember the rest to save my life. I was so frustrated I tried to poke my eyes out with the knitting needles good thing Steph was around or todays headlines would say something to the effect of me being the modern day Ediopus. I can't remember how to spell that name but you get the idea. I started my Christmas shopping this morning and it brought such joy to me. I am love/hating today. Well I just hate that I have to do some ironing. BOO.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mixed Nuts and Santa Baby

Thanksgiving was awesome. I spent it with BF's family and they are all so nice and fun. I loved the food and the company. I only had one smallish break down about not being with my own family and don't worry it wasn't in front of anyone. Friday BF had to work so I had a nice relaxing day with some working out(got to get rid of some of that thanksgiving binge) and CSI which i watched until I got scared. Then I switched it over to What Not to Wear which I watched until I convinced myself that Clinton is not gay and totally in love with me. At that point I had to switch to HGTV. And I ate sloppy joes all day. I LOVE SLOPPY JOES, so delicious. Saturday BF and I watched Mixed Nuts, one of my favorite holiday movies, makes me giggle every time. I am so glad that its almost time for Christmas and so shocked at how fast time flies at the same time. Today I switched my ringtone over to santa baby. I have been an awful good girl this year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Girls Are Not Cute

I am bored with blogging hence my sucking at it lately. Maybe its just I have a boring life and I don't want to blog about boring things. I get bored with things pretty easily. I wonder why that is. 007 was a good movie but I was slightly disappointed. Daniel Craig aka James Bond aka Mr. McHot Hot was not shirtless nearly enough. I am in love with his face slash bod slash bum. Don't tell anyone but I was really crossing my fingers for a short naked bum shot. Beautiful. Turns out I am a sucker for blue eye, Who would've guessed? Steph and I forgot that we volunteered our house for relief society board meeting. Bishop announced it in sacrament meeting and that is when we realized that our house was a disaster. So during sunday school we ran home to do some speed cleaning. Good thing speed cleaning is one area of our expertness. It only took half an hour to hide things. We make it a rule to not stash things in the oven for obvious safety reasons but everything else is free game. The funnest part about speed cleaning is weeks or months later finding things (most likely that we have been looking for the whole time) in weird places and then we get to laugh about it. Today Trevor (the 7 year old that I watch) was getting so mad at me and Kenna (his big sister) for teasing him. At one point he just blurted out "oh yeah well girls think they are just so cute but that is not true. Girls are not cute. Not at all." and then he stormed off to his room. I guess that will teach me to tease him.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flannel and 007

Life has been boring until this mornign when it took a turn for the fun. I have made fun of my friend Stephanie for wearing flannel. I have made fun of her for a month or more. I mean come on she is not a boy and she is not Al Boreland. This morning I was converted to flannel wearing and I have to say it was Steph and Al Boreland that did it. So I am sorry for making fun, please forgive me and please welcome me with flannel wrapped arms. Tonight BF and I are going to the new James Bond Movie. Woot Woot! I am so excited I get butterflies in my tummy. Happy Friday everyone!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate it when I get tagged

Stacee Maree, my darling cousin tagged me. A picture tag, 5th folder 3rd picture. This is me and my BF camping in snow canyon. My first time being to snow canyon. It is really pretty there and BF is really pretty sometimes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm not as Dumb as I thought

That link to the pictures totally works so you can use it. Hooray for me not being dumb:)


Ok Ok I am sorry it took so long for me to get pictures up and guess what I still don't have pictures up but I have a link to them so here you go I hope you enjoy. You can click on my friends blog on the left hand side of the page called a rosie little world and her blog will link you to them or found here.... but I am computer inept so going to Steph's (a rosie little world) blog is probably the best bet. And video of my dance performances are on my faccebook for those who have that and I am going to try to get tehm on here when I get smart. I watched the Get Smart movie with Steve Carrell in it and it is Super Super funny. Good luck with the pictures and i am sorry I am retarded.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

Last night, me and my BFF and E/Sister wife performed our belly dancing routine at the ward talent show. Now they didn't judge it or give out a prize but if they had I am pretty sure our spice girl rendition would have won. Making a fool of yourself in front of everyone in your ward is incredibly rewarding. They gave us donuts and chex mix, they gave everyone donuts and chex mix but I felt that we really earned it so they were much more tasty for us. And there were more blessings attached to them for us because we sacrificed our pride for the ward and our friends Danny and Lindsey and everyone else involved with putting it together. It was super fun and I promise that tomorrow I will kidnap Steph's camera and post pictures and videos of our performance and our halloween. In the picture you can see the remains of my Scary Spice hair, I crimped and ratted the heck out of it and then I slept on it and did nothing to it before I came to work. You probably can't see it very well but I like it and may do it more often. The past couple of days I have really been striving to be the best house nanny ever. In doing this I have limited my time spent on facebook to only 2 or 3 hours a day and my time spent looking at celebrity fashion blunders to a meer 4 hours a day, and my number of naps taken while the 4 year old plays video games have been reduced to 3. I have noticed vast improvements in time spent. For example I finally found the kids trick or treat candy. They hid it really good this year, inside a pot that we never use. The other day I got into the cupboard that holds all of the big pots to get a slightly smaller pot than the one that held the candy and I noticed that the thing was harder to turn that normal and then it hit me and viola' I found the candy. They are getting really clever now a days but they forget one thing, I run this house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Go Vote! I did vote. First thing this morning I went to my polling place and cast my ballot for McCain/Palin! I pray that conservative values will win out. And yes i know I look like a boy but i really wanted my hair pulled back.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Costume Award Attained

Thursday night I was invited to go to a murder mystery dinner. It was set back in the 1920's and was a lot of fun. We were put into 5 or 6 groups and were supposed to figure out who the killer was. We were given money and secret clues that we could buy from each other. In the end, if more than one team guessed the right killer it came down to whoever had the most money and that team would win. Well our money was stolen, some other team had taken the money out of our teammates pocket. We guessed the wrong suspect anyway so it didn't matter and I really found it to be hilarious. That party was loads of fun and after that we hit up another party. It was a decent time and I discovered that my karate moves don't work well on drunk people. Maybe I was not doing them right but I had one guys arm turned almost all the way back and he was on no pain at all. I thought gee I hope I am never attacked by a drunk person with dead nerves. Then Halloween night, that dance party was super fun. I won sexiest costume award, not the award I was going for. I take whatever I can get, my motto for everything by the way. After we dance partied that joint up, Steph, Ethan and some super fun chicks from my ward, hit up the college dance party. So many girls were dressed so super slutty with boobs and butt cheeks hanging out everywhere. Any time he got the chance, Ethan would ask " are you from vegas?" (cause girls from Utah don't dress that way). LINGERIE IS NOT A COSTUME, except in the bedroom when you are married and are maybe doing some roll playing, which I know nothing about. My own relief society president was dressed up as one of the olympic volleyball ladies and was wearing workout and pants and a sports bra. I don't know when I became such a prude but I was like uh hello, you are only wearing a sports bra and you are RS president. Whatever. And can I just say I won a sexiest costume award without showing boobs or bums. I'd post pictures but they are all on Steph's camera so that will have to wait. Next year for halloween I think I will be Mary Poppins. Saturday Steph and I went to HSM3 before I went up to richfield for some family time. I love love love Zach Eferon and he is going to be so good in the new footloose video. I had my own little dance party in my chair during every song they sang. This weekend rocked my world and I need to see a show or something soon cause I have not had enough dance partying in my life lately.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

P A R T Y cause I Got to

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Tonight I am going to a PARTY with BF at one of his co workers house and I am uber excited. It will be the premiere of my fabulous costume that I made all by myself. One time BF sang that song to me when we were camping cause he was a lazy bum and wouldn't get out of tent and I was outside reading Are you there vodka? Its me Chelsea. So I was sitting outside reading and I hear the beautiful song "All by myself, Don't want to be all by myself" coming from the tent and I just laughed right out loud at how weird my BF is. Anyway so tonight I will look smokin hot as Audrey Hepburne as Holly Golightly. And then tomorrow, Halloween Day! I am going to look smokin hot at our friends Lori and Michelle's halloween party and there I will hopefully win the costume contest prize and I will have a kick A time hanging out with STeph and Ethan. BF has to work early saturday and will have to go to bed early friday so he misses out on the H-Day fun so its nice to have a party to attend tonight so he too can have some H-Day fun. Do not worry all, you will get to see my wonderful costume when I post the pictures on this blog post H-Da fun. Then saturday will be awesome and full of rehearsing for the ward talent show in which I will be performing a belly dance routine and I will be playing Scary Spice with my four other Spicy friends. What a wonderful life I have. Oh I almost forgot. Today I am wearing candy corn leggings:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The kids that I nanny caught a catipillar and put it in a water bottle. I, not knowing what it was picked it up and started shaking it. I thought hmm looks like someone put vodka in a water bottle and forgot to eat the worm. Haha I'm funny is what I thought next. I then figured out it was a catepillar the kids had caught and I put it down thinking it was dead. I mean it was just rolling around in the bottle when I was shaking it. I thought man that is so gross remember to have Kenna throw that out when she gets home. I go back to playing on the computer and a few minutes later I look over and the disgusting thing is trying to climg up the wall of the bottle. Eww gross and now it is just watching me type this. Bugs are gross. On a funnier note, last week Alex couldn't find a toy dinosaur he calls Rexie. He had lost it monday night and on tuesday was so sadd that he couldn't find it and then of course by wednesday it was forgotten about, by him and by me. Well on Friday, I was wiping down the table and I picked up a vase they have in the middle of their table. I look inside and guess who was in there. Thats right Rexie was. It is probably funnier to me because well its my life. It is a funny thing though I mean my BFF and E laughed about it so it can't be that dull. Kids are weird.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Official

Its official folks, I am the Enrichment Queen. So many girls showed up to our enrichment activity and it lasted like two hours wich is way good, and everyone had such a great time. I am so pleased and I feel like I really am well on my way to becoming relief society general president. I only hope next month will be just as awesome. I also made my dress this weekend and its not quite finished all the way but just an hour or so more of working on it and it should be good as gold and I will be one step closer to winning the costume prize. I will post pictures as soon as I can. BF took me to a show called Thriller on friday night out at Tuachann and it was so awesome. Its put on by some dance comapny. I have never wanted to be a zombie or a skeleton so bad in my life. I had no idea the living dead could dance so well. Then on saturday night we went to a thing called ghost tours. Its put on by the St. George community theater company and you walk to different stations and actors tell you ghost stories. And then at the end BF bought me a caramel popcorn ball that was most delicious. I love halloween so much and I can not be any more full of the halloween spirit. Now i am going to google where to find a zombie so I can become one. And maybe I'll see if there is some kind of computer program that lets me upload my picture and then see how rotting flesh will look on me. And I'll need to find where their dance studio is and get to practicing. I wouldn't dare become a member of the living dead not knowing how to rock out to Micheal Jacksons Thriller.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enrichment Queen

Well maybe I will be enrichment queen. Tonight is the first enrichment that I will consider an official enrichment that I lead with the help of Stephanie. We planned for us to decorate cupcakes all spooky like and have some good old halloween fun. I hope it goes well because last enrichment we planned no one came but I blame it on the fact that it was not well advertized. Also tonight is the last night of my belly dancing class. So sad now I have to decide how much I love it and if I want it to be a regular part of my life as well as the extra 85 dollars every 8 weeks. I am going to do a performance for our ward talent show and I think I will use my fans reactions as something to base my decision on. Oh and I have decided to be Audrey Hepburne in the opening credits of Breakfast at Tiffany's, when she is wearing that fabulous dress and looking so good, for halloween. The problem is I can't find a dress that is fabulous enough and so I am going to attempt to sew one and we will just see how it goes. If it goes well I plan on sewing my own clothes from now on just like back in the day. I'll keep you posted. And cross your fingers that I will win the best costume prize at the halloween party I will be attending.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My BFF and E

Today I would like to talk about my Best Friend Forever and Ever/ Sister Wife, but first a run down of my weekend. I totally had a cold and laid around all day on saturday except for the short run that was actually a walk cause I was totally dizzy and couldn't run to save my life. I loved it. I learned how to decorate a house and backyard with lots of HGTV watching and I learned how to solve a crime or committ the perfect murder, I haven't decided which way I want to take that yet, with lots of CSI watching. I also watched a lot of What Not to Wear and I have recruited my BFF and E to nominate me to be on that show. And I watched the Boston Red Sox games only cause BF wanted me and I think I had at least a normal I'm just hanging out watching the baseball game attitude, which I thought would qualify me for Best GF of the Year award but BF totally did not appreciate it or at least did not make know his appreciation of it and I haven't even said anything about his not making known his appreciation of it. Two things I deserve to be nominated GF of the Year for. Now to my BFF and E/Sister Wife. We call each other Sister Wives cause we don't want to be married to the same husband but we would like it if we could be sister wives and live together always. Stephanie Rose Bracken, we met in August 2005 when we moved into the same house togther. We bonded over our hatred of another roommate and we have been best friends ever since. We currently share a two bedroom apartment and really love just having the two of us in our home. We do a lot of fun things together. Among my favorite activities that we do is watching CSI:Miami all sunday afternoon and complaining about the other people in our lives. This past week Steph was in San Diego for a marine biology field trip and yesterday afternoon it was such a joy to listen to her complain about everything she hated about the trip. I just love Stephanie because we laugh at everything. And she is the reason I may never get married, I never have as much fun with anyone else. No offense BF. Stephanie you are my BFF and E/Sister Wife and I love you and thank you for everything, especially the halloween kit kats I ate this morning.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Time No See

Oh my gosh you guys I swear I have been stranded with no internet for like a year, really it was only a week but it felt like a year. A life without internet is no life at all. Not a lot has happened this week though just the regular fencing, belly dancing, my car getting written on at night outside BF's house. Thats right someone wrote on my car BPG with a black marker and I was up til one thirty doing the whole police report thing. BF has the pictures from it so I'll have to post them later but I just want to say I feel like I have been initiatied into the thug community. I have begun wearing my pants around my knees and throwing gang signs at every oppurtunity and saying things like "Man I'm gonna bust a cap in your butt" while throwing a gang sign with one hand and grabbing my crotch with the other. And I am expecting a call any day now from the King of Thugs and the ultimate piece of man, the hunkiest guy on earth a Mr. Channing Tatum. When I get that phone call I imagine he'll say something like "Yo's welcome to the community. Lets meet up ya'll's and I'll show you how to step up" and I will say "You are such a hunk, PLEASE marry me." and to that he will say" Show me your moves first." to which I will gladly comply and I will WOW him with my belly dancing/fencing combo of moves. And we will live happily ever after with the most thugish and beautiful kids in the world with the exception on Brad and Angelina's kids who our kids will have play dates with. Sorry BF, when I get the call from Channing, you're out. I hope you 'll have no hard feelings.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Best and Longest Saturday Ever

Saturday morning I got up to run a 5K and it was very cold outside and my shoe kept coming untied and I wanted someone to drink a cup of bleach. Then I had a lovely morning with my BFF Stephanie and HGTV. That afternoon I went shopping and got myself a wonderful new coat and wonderfully waxed eyebrows. Then I went to Harmons and while there I met Bob and Randy Harmon. I probably shouldn't have been as excited as I was but I loved every minute of it. I meant to have them sign my receipt but I wasn't fast enough. I just got a picture. So it was a wonderful saturday and its not a wonderful monday I want to strangle some certain persons. And I was tagged but I don't feel like doing that right now so maybe later or tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BF Made Me a Cupcake

To start today's post, i'd like to tell about my short lived but incredibly intense drama yesterday. My little brother Cody got lost in the mountains yesterday. My dad and two brothers, Cody included, went up to do some hunting yesterday morning. At about ten Cody got seperated from my dad and my other brother. once my dad relized this they started looking for him, at quarter to three my dad and brother make their way back to the truck to call search and rescue and my mom. At three I get a call from my crying mother telling me that Cody is lost and that I of course need to prayer and repent of all my sins so that he will be found. Which I did, a lot. At 4:30 my mom calls me back and tells me that they found him. Here is the story as told by Cody and my dad. Once back to truck my dad calls search and rescue and they tell him to head down the mountain so that they will at least have a start point, meanwhile Cody is wondering and crying and decides to sit down and pray because crying isn't getting him anywhere. Once finished with his prayer he gets up and starts walking down the mountain and comes across a barbed wired fence so he decides to walk along the fence and does so until he comes across a water thing where he meets three other hunters and their horses. So he stays there with two of the hunters and the other goes out in search of my dad. my dad meets this hunter as he is driving down the mountain and all is good, and they head back up the mountain, after calling my mom and search and rescue, to do some more hunting because it is still light outside. To which I say, men are retards. I'm grateful to have Cody back and I thank whoever it was that helped him find my dad. And BF made me a cupcake. It had candy corn, red sprinkles, chewy spree, mini m&m's, and a lot of frosting on it. I liked it a whole lot and I like him a whole lot. Thank you BF.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ketchup and Potato Salad

This is why I love my job. One day, not too long ago, I was getting ready to do a load of laundry. i opened the washer and found to my surprise, a half eaten pickle and a flip flop. Yesterday, i was cleaning out backpacks and found a bottle of ketchup in Kenna's backpack. "Kenna, why is there a bottle of ketchup in your backpack?" I said. Kenna(11) replied"Huh, I didn't know that was there." " You went through a whole day of school not knowing you had a bottle of ketchup in your backpack?" Then Kenna says " Yeah, weird huh?" Trevor(7) then starts laughing " Hahaha I put that there to trick her." Kids are weird and I laughed a lot. Later that same day I sent Kenna upstairs to clean her room and bathroom. She comes out of her bathroom holding the bottle of ketchup. Trevor again had decided to play some trick on her with the ketchup. I don't know why he chose ketchup to be his little prank of choice, but he did and I have been chuckling about it for the past two days. Another thing that caused me to laugh a whole bunch was this, an empty ice cream container was being used to hold potato salad in it. Alex(4) found this container in the fridge and got it out intending to eat some ice cream. He opens it and in his angry little 4 year old voice, he yells "Who in the world put potato salad in the ice cream?" He was so mad and I just bust up laughing. Kids are weird and I love them and I love my job.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend of Marathon's

This weekend was a whole lot of fun. Saturday morning I went to BF's house to watch the St. George Marathon in which his brother and sister were running. This inspired me to run in the marathon next year. Today I ran 2 miles and I did well at it, now I have 363 days to get to being able to run 26.2 miles well. After the marathon and some good food provided by BF's mom, it was a marathon of conference. I was spiritually stuffed. I enjoyed conference so much this inspired me to become the general relief society president. I am currently enrichment leader in my ward and my plan is to just work my way up to pres. of the ward and then onward. So starting right now i'm going to be super righteous and train to run a "spiritual marathon". Only kidding but I did enjoy conference much. After conference, it was a marathon of baking and cleaning. I made 25 cupcakes to help BF with one of his class projects and then I made apple crisp because I really wanted some. Then a marathon of CSI: Miami and scrapbooking. Please don't tell anyone that I scrapbook. And this morning before work and after my run it was a marathon of home and garden television.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Adventure of the VP Debate

Last night after belly dancing class(thats another blog soon to come), I went to BF's parents house for hamburgers and to watch the VP debate. Sarah Palin kicks butt and I love her to death. I loved watching the debate because BF's dad was cheering so much for Palin and any time Biden would speak, right when he opened his mouth, BF's dad, I'll call him Don, would hit this little bell and say times up. At one point Don got up and started doing a little jig and yelling through something that I don't know what its called saying "Yeah go Sarah! Whoo hoo Sarah!" I really laughed so hard and I almost joined in, but I was trying to hear what Govenor Palin was trying to say. And can I say Go Palin! We have been encouraged by our church leaders to get involved and to study the issues and the canidates. It just makes me crazy when people I know don't care and don't get educated about anything involving the campaign. Get out and vote. Unless you're voting for the mindless guppies called Obama and Biden then you should stay home. In short I had a wonderful night with belly dancing, the debate, and then more belly dancing when I made BF practice with me and my new the art of belly dancing instructional video.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fencing Adventure

Me and my BF(boyfriend) have been taking a fencing class every tuesday night for the last couple of weeks. It is so much fun, our instructor is french and I can hardly understand anything he says. I try so hard to get him to say my name being that my name is french I'd like to hear a french man say it. I am not asking for the moon but I have yet to get him to say it. It is my biggest goal for the class, well that and ensuring that our 82 year old, french, fencing instructor doesn't just die in the middle of class. Not being able to understand what is being taught has made it difficult for me to get good at fencing and us girls in the class have to wear stupid chest protectors that are very distracting. When fencing, my BF he thinks it is just so funny to stab at the plastic chest protector and he doesn't take it very seriously at all. How am I supposed to get good at fencing when my partner just wants to stab at my plastic boobies and my face mask? At least once a week we both get a really good laugh.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Newest Memeber to the Blogging Community

Hello all. I am proud to call my self one of the newest members to the blog community. I was hesitant to join this group thinking that I wasn't elite enough, but after a little pressure from my bff and e and e, and realizing that I stalk people through their blogs I thought it only fair to let people stalk me through my blog. So I started this blog and named it One Nanny's Adventures because well I am a nanny and I have been for the last three and a half years and plan to be for at least another year. I watch three children and with or without them I have a lot of fun and very simple adventures, that I find great joy in and now you all get to read about them. For example, today I said to myself "What should I do today? Paint a water color or start a blog. Let's do both." So I did and once I figure out how to post pictures I will post a picture of the watercolor I just finished. Thank you internet for welcoming me to your vast blogging world.