Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real Problem

I have a real problem. A pride problem. At least that is what I think it could be defined as. It is about 45 degrees outside my house, and probably about the same on the inside. My house is freezing and I refuse to turn on the heater. Why? Because I refuse to believe that summer is over. It's long over, I know this, but it breaks my heart so I like to pretend it isn't. Turning on the heater is like me admitting that summer is gone and that is something I just can not do. Would this be considered pride or lunacy? I also refuse to believe that I am crazy or prideful, so I am just going to blame it on nature. Nature has it wrong, its not fall. IT IS STILL SUMMER! Oh I wish that were true.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am Lame

School has made me lame. Apparently. a million hours of studying, working, and trying to not get sick per week can really take a toll on your coolness. I am pretty sure my coolness level has gone from 95% cool to less than 5% cool. I learned that in statistics class today, I may have learned to make my coolness statistics sound better, but I left early to eat a cookie at home. Also children have really become my arch nemesis. Well not all children, just children that give me crusty looks when I tell them to do their homework, or clean their room, or stop showing everyone your penis. Fall break just was not long enough and I am looking forward to this coming weekend, that will be spent in the arctic that some people call Salt Lake. It is always refreshing to get away. Oh and by the way it is almost Halloween, I feel so let down with myself for my lack of holiday recognition and celebration. To remedy this, I have already tricked a boy into promising to take me to a haunted corn maze. I also stocked up on candy and have begun to seriously think about what and how to tackle a Halloween costume. I am leaning toward Olive Oyl, like from Popeye, or a classic witch just because it classy and classic. I'll let you know what I decide. Until then, have a spooktacular day! Aaggh! I love Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fortune Cookies

I just read my cousins blog. She was talking about spending time with our grandparents and I started to cry. I miss them quite a lot and I realize that I have been avoiding them. My grandpa has Alzheimer's and grandma is diabetic. They are old and that makes me so sad and scared because I don't want to loose them. I do love them and I hate to think that I didn't spend as much time with them as I could because I was afraid of their old age. I'm twenty effing three for crying out loud. Grow up Shauntae! I recently had a fortune cookie that said something I can't remember but it made me think I need to make family more of a priority. So that is what I am going to do. The only fortune I have is my family and if I waste that, I don't deserve any other kind of fortune. In my head, that made sense. Too much soy sauce for me I think.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raise your hand if you are moving

I am. I am moving. And because of this, I can't actually raise my hand. My muscles are sore and it hurts. Who knew that moving a couch would be so hard? I guess I did but still one can forget these things. I am going to enjoy being on my own for a little while. I'll still be in St. George but I won't be living with nanny family. I will miss them but I can finally walk around in my underwear! Woot Woot. I love it, I can't wait, time to get back to work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth. Always. It never fails me. Lately my craving for sweets has been outrageous! I have eaten a 3 lb. bag of toostie rolls in like a week. ALL TO MYSELF! I can't get enough. Also my sweet tooth has carried me to a craving for cuddling. It seems to be the hardest sweet tooth to fulfill. I can't seem to find a baby, toddler, or man that will cuddle with me. I try but as soon as I wrap my arms around them, they start squirming and pushing away. What is the deal?! I shower, I swear I do and if I don't, I wear perfume. I am not even asking for kisses, just a hug. Preferably from a man. I mean I guess there are a few men I could call and they would cuddle with me but I do not want to cuddle with those ones. Ugh I should just be worried about school work but boys are just as hard and usually more fun. I find out my history test score tomorrow. I only want to know it if I did as well as I think I did. Crossing my fingers and all major organs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mad Mad Monday

I just don't get it! Today started out great. I was happy, productive, and feeling funny. This afternoon, I am annoyed, irritable, and so ready for this day to be over. I thought maybe I was dehydrated, drank a bunch of water, still didn't work. Thought maybe I was hungry, ate a bunch of food, only seemed to have made it worse. I don't know what it is, acute afternoon crankyness syndrome probably. I am just ready to have a good day all the way through. Today I blame the cranks on cardboard and how it makes my arms red and itchy. Yeah its the cardboard boxes fault. That is all.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So I think I have. . .

I know why I am cranky. I think I have an ear infection. My right ear has been weird for days now and today, everything was muffled. It was weird not being able to hear clearly. This makes me feel crummy but now I know why I have a badittude and now I don't actually feel bad about being a grump to people. It hurts and I am now going to have a nap before I have a birthday party to go to at 10. That is all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Few More Letters

I have a few more letters I would like to write the world.

Dear Laundry,

Why do you never end? I am tired of you and all the time you take when I could be studying or sleeping or doing something fun. You stink.

Full of Loathing for you,

I hate your stinkin guts

Dear History Teacher,

Stop being a liberal, and stop giving us tests with ten essay questions.

Conservatively yours,

A girl with a headache from reading the penguin history of Europe

Dear Body,

I don't know why you don't feel good. I have made you sweat a lot these last two days and I have been trying to eat good. Why do you have to have a headache and feel like your throat is swollen to the point of no breathing? I guess its time to try the extra rest route which is nice, but I really like the working out a lot route.

Ugh . . . I hate cold and sickness season,

Oh sorry I can't speak because my throat hurts

Dear Ex-BF,

I am mad at you all over again. We were supposed to run the marathon together this year. I was supposed to hold your new nephews and whatever your other sister is having. We could have been happy, that was supposed to be my life. No you had to go be a jackass and now I'm stuck with boys who only want me for the doing of dirty things, they don't want to date me or marry me, they just want to touch my boobs.

Hate you still even after all this time,

A girl who can get men to want her but can't get them to want to date her or marry her

Dear weird dreams,

Stop it! I am tired of having weird dreams about having babies and waking up expecting a bebe to be next to me. What the H?!?!

Going crazy,
A girl who does not want a baby I just want to hold one for a really long time

Dear Rest of the Universe,

I am tired, I don't feel well and I thought my grumpy week was over. Fall break can not come fast enough. I need more rest and candy.

I just want a nap,
A girl annoyed with the world and things that happen in it

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Few Updates or Just One

There are a lot of status updates I want to use on Facebook but I don't want to annoy people by changing my status more that I already do. Sooo I have decided to do it here.

I love history but my history teacher is a flaming liberal and he's smart. In my head, liberals can't be smart and liberal cause smart people know that liberalism is not smart. Right?

Oh great and now I can't remember the other ones. Hahahaha ok so there's one. Hahaha darn my memory.