Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Girls Are Not Cute

I am bored with blogging hence my sucking at it lately. Maybe its just I have a boring life and I don't want to blog about boring things. I get bored with things pretty easily. I wonder why that is. 007 was a good movie but I was slightly disappointed. Daniel Craig aka James Bond aka Mr. McHot Hot was not shirtless nearly enough. I am in love with his face slash bod slash bum. Don't tell anyone but I was really crossing my fingers for a short naked bum shot. Beautiful. Turns out I am a sucker for blue eye, Who would've guessed? Steph and I forgot that we volunteered our house for relief society board meeting. Bishop announced it in sacrament meeting and that is when we realized that our house was a disaster. So during sunday school we ran home to do some speed cleaning. Good thing speed cleaning is one area of our expertness. It only took half an hour to hide things. We make it a rule to not stash things in the oven for obvious safety reasons but everything else is free game. The funnest part about speed cleaning is weeks or months later finding things (most likely that we have been looking for the whole time) in weird places and then we get to laugh about it. Today Trevor (the 7 year old that I watch) was getting so mad at me and Kenna (his big sister) for teasing him. At one point he just blurted out "oh yeah well girls think they are just so cute but that is not true. Girls are not cute. Not at all." and then he stormed off to his room. I guess that will teach me to tease him.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Flannel and 007

Life has been boring until this mornign when it took a turn for the fun. I have made fun of my friend Stephanie for wearing flannel. I have made fun of her for a month or more. I mean come on she is not a boy and she is not Al Boreland. This morning I was converted to flannel wearing and I have to say it was Steph and Al Boreland that did it. So I am sorry for making fun, please forgive me and please welcome me with flannel wrapped arms. Tonight BF and I are going to the new James Bond Movie. Woot Woot! I am so excited I get butterflies in my tummy. Happy Friday everyone!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate it when I get tagged

Stacee Maree, my darling cousin tagged me. A picture tag, 5th folder 3rd picture. This is me and my BF camping in snow canyon. My first time being to snow canyon. It is really pretty there and BF is really pretty sometimes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm not as Dumb as I thought

That link to the pictures totally works so you can use it. Hooray for me not being dumb:)


Ok Ok I am sorry it took so long for me to get pictures up and guess what I still don't have pictures up but I have a link to them so here you go I hope you enjoy. You can click on my friends blog on the left hand side of the page called a rosie little world and her blog will link you to them or found here.... but I am computer inept so going to Steph's (a rosie little world) blog is probably the best bet. And video of my dance performances are on my faccebook for those who have that and I am going to try to get tehm on here when I get smart. I watched the Get Smart movie with Steve Carrell in it and it is Super Super funny. Good luck with the pictures and i am sorry I am retarded.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

Last night, me and my BFF and E/Sister wife performed our belly dancing routine at the ward talent show. Now they didn't judge it or give out a prize but if they had I am pretty sure our spice girl rendition would have won. Making a fool of yourself in front of everyone in your ward is incredibly rewarding. They gave us donuts and chex mix, they gave everyone donuts and chex mix but I felt that we really earned it so they were much more tasty for us. And there were more blessings attached to them for us because we sacrificed our pride for the ward and our friends Danny and Lindsey and everyone else involved with putting it together. It was super fun and I promise that tomorrow I will kidnap Steph's camera and post pictures and videos of our performance and our halloween. In the picture you can see the remains of my Scary Spice hair, I crimped and ratted the heck out of it and then I slept on it and did nothing to it before I came to work. You probably can't see it very well but I like it and may do it more often. The past couple of days I have really been striving to be the best house nanny ever. In doing this I have limited my time spent on facebook to only 2 or 3 hours a day and my time spent looking at celebrity fashion blunders to a meer 4 hours a day, and my number of naps taken while the 4 year old plays video games have been reduced to 3. I have noticed vast improvements in time spent. For example I finally found the kids trick or treat candy. They hid it really good this year, inside a pot that we never use. The other day I got into the cupboard that holds all of the big pots to get a slightly smaller pot than the one that held the candy and I noticed that the thing was harder to turn that normal and then it hit me and viola' I found the candy. They are getting really clever now a days but they forget one thing, I run this house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Go Vote! I did vote. First thing this morning I went to my polling place and cast my ballot for McCain/Palin! I pray that conservative values will win out. And yes i know I look like a boy but i really wanted my hair pulled back.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Costume Award Attained

Thursday night I was invited to go to a murder mystery dinner. It was set back in the 1920's and was a lot of fun. We were put into 5 or 6 groups and were supposed to figure out who the killer was. We were given money and secret clues that we could buy from each other. In the end, if more than one team guessed the right killer it came down to whoever had the most money and that team would win. Well our money was stolen, some other team had taken the money out of our teammates pocket. We guessed the wrong suspect anyway so it didn't matter and I really found it to be hilarious. That party was loads of fun and after that we hit up another party. It was a decent time and I discovered that my karate moves don't work well on drunk people. Maybe I was not doing them right but I had one guys arm turned almost all the way back and he was on no pain at all. I thought gee I hope I am never attacked by a drunk person with dead nerves. Then Halloween night, that dance party was super fun. I won sexiest costume award, not the award I was going for. I take whatever I can get, my motto for everything by the way. After we dance partied that joint up, Steph, Ethan and some super fun chicks from my ward, hit up the college dance party. So many girls were dressed so super slutty with boobs and butt cheeks hanging out everywhere. Any time he got the chance, Ethan would ask " are you from vegas?" (cause girls from Utah don't dress that way). LINGERIE IS NOT A COSTUME, except in the bedroom when you are married and are maybe doing some roll playing, which I know nothing about. My own relief society president was dressed up as one of the olympic volleyball ladies and was wearing workout and pants and a sports bra. I don't know when I became such a prude but I was like uh hello, you are only wearing a sports bra and you are RS president. Whatever. And can I just say I won a sexiest costume award without showing boobs or bums. I'd post pictures but they are all on Steph's camera so that will have to wait. Next year for halloween I think I will be Mary Poppins. Saturday Steph and I went to HSM3 before I went up to richfield for some family time. I love love love Zach Eferon and he is going to be so good in the new footloose video. I had my own little dance party in my chair during every song they sang. This weekend rocked my world and I need to see a show or something soon cause I have not had enough dance partying in my life lately.