Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have something to say about that...

Lately, and when I say lately I mean like the last few years, I have been trying to decide how I feel about homosexuality and especially when it comes to marriage. I have done a lot of reading, thinking, and praying about the subject. I have change my mind about it several times. And then I decided to let my heart decide. My head has said over and over, "No big deal, they aren't hurting anyone, Live and Let Live." This has been my thinking but it never felt right to me. My heart was never at peace. My heart tells me that there is something more to marriage than just happiness. My heart also tells me that a persons gender means something. And that both genders have a place in a marriage and in a family. And that children that are brought into that family have a right to grow in the strength of both feminine and masculine love. This does not mean that I believe persons in same sex relationships should be treated badly. And as far as legal unions between these, I am still unsure of where I stand. My post today is regarding the way I feel those who do believe same sex marriage is ok treat those of us who don't. To me, the hypocrisy seems to be as clear as day but maybe it isn't for others. A big argument I see on the interslice is an attitude that those who support homosexuality are bullied and badgered by those of us who don't. And that may be true, in fact, I'm sure it is. On the other hand, I see private organizations and businesses and even myself being demonized for standing up for what they believe, and I see that the bullying is on both sides. What I see and feel is that people of differing beliefs are asking each other to be small. In fact I have read and seen on both sides that those who disagree should "be ashamed of themselves." I have been told this myself, that I should be ashamed of something I posted on Pinterest. It would seem that now the side opposite of what I believe is saying, we're done being small, this is who we are, see us. But they seem to be doing so by trying to make me small. Trying to make me feel ashamed and small because of my beliefs, that I have spent time and love and it has been difficult to come to these beliefs. Basically what I am saying is, if you have something to prove, than prove it. But as we have all been taught since youth, You don't make yourself bigger by making others small.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Girls and Boys

Ok so here are a few things on my mind since I have been MIA. I'm slowly coming out of the newly wed bliss state. But I don't expect a full recovery for a long while. Number one thing on my mind, I can't seem to remember to do anything but watch Awkward. and play on Pinterest. Every other day I'm like oh here is a list of things to do and then I completely forget about it for a few days. Oh well, none if it is that important anyway, right? I mean who needs to make sure things at the bank are in order or make sure moneys owed to people get paid. Silly stuff. Second, I feel really annoyed that girls (and boys for that matter) are so darn trashy these days. I just don't understand why teenagers are all so needy and trashy and why I find it to be as funny as it is annoying and detestable. Thirdly, I would like to post wedding pictures and let you all gawk at how lovely I look, but it doesn't seem to be working. Darn.