Saturday, June 20, 2009


I got Punk'd. Its Saturday, 8 in the morning, my phone goes off. Its a text from man boss. There are pancakes downstairs, you should come down and eat some breakfast. I should have stayed in bed. After eating 3 pancakes and a pile of scrambled eggs, then comes this " What are you doing today? I need some muscle." I should have run and gotten back into bed. I say "Well I am just waiting for Steph to get up so we can play." I should have lied and said I was super busy, swamped with plans. "Great. Then, now that you've had a good breakfast, you can help in me the back yard." I really should have gotten my keys and run drove as far as I could. This is what I had to do to earn the 3 pancakes and pile of eggs that I had already eaten:

It may not look like a lot but trust me it is and it was heavy. Guess how many black widows we killed on those pieces of wood? At least 5. We also killed endless amounts of daddy long legs. They have green guts BTW. Now my entire body is sore and any energy I had for the day is now gone. I will not be fooled again, the next time I am offered food I am just going to take it and run.

Friday, June 19, 2009

No Name

I am tired of coming up with titles. You wouldn't think it would be such a big deal but for some reason it is and it is the reason that I have slacking in posting lately. I just don't know what to name my little blurbs and names are very important to me. For my birthday one year, I got a beta fish, that later got dropped down the garbage disposal but it survived, and I spent at least a week deciding a name for him. When I finally settled on Sergio, a very large burden was finally lifted. Pretty much everything in my life has a name, my family members all have names, the kids I watch have names, my toys have names, my Ipod has a name, I even have a name. A lot of people name their cars, I have yet to name mine cause I can not decide on a name and its been stressing me for the 4 years that I have had it. It is a white car and at one point in my life I was obsessed with spearmint lifesavers, so I almost named it lifesaver but then decided against it because I don't want people to mistake it for oh what a life saver. No I was not thinking my car saves my life, I was thinking about candy. Then somehow, I have started collecting Mexican marionette puppets. So far I have 2, their names are El Guapo and Santiago, I thought about putting them in my car and then naming my car Bajio. I decided against that cause I am mistaken enough for a Mexican as it is and I didn't want to make matters worse. Names mean so much to me, that I have decided my children will have 4 or 5 names each. There are so many names I like, but I don't plan on having that many children so I just have to make the most of it. For example, I will have a daughter named Margaret Jane Pearl Enter Last Name here. What lucky offspring mine will be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Were We even a Couple?

Last night I got dumped. The nice boy finally got sick of me and my being a "roller coaster" as he put it. Hahaha I am sorry I laugh every time I think about this. So he comes over to hang out and he looked like he was on the verge of crying which annoyed me. I have enough issues of my own, I don't want to be bothered with his and he's a man, suck it up. Anyway he's over and falls asleep so I spend the time on the phone with Steph my best friend. When I get off the phone and go back to where he is, he tells me he is going to leave. SO I say OK sorry I was on the phone and he said "Look this isn't working for me, I can't take the up and down. We just have 2 different personalities" I say "OK that's fine" inside trying real hard not to laugh and thinking finally, I am so glad he is finally doing this so I didn't have to. And he just went on and on with the same we're so different. Finally I said "I don't have hurt feelings about it. I am sorry though if I ever hurt your feelings I never meant to" and he said, still looking like he was about to cry, "OK I appreciate that." Awkward silence. "Well I need to give the kids a bath, have a nice night" is what I said and he was gone. I waited what I thought was a decent amount of time and bust up laughing for a good 10 minutes. I am so so mean but I was like I just got dumped and we weren't even in a relationship. It was nice to learn that in the end, he finally had enough gumption to stand up for himself and tell me he had had enough of my attitude. I am going to go to hell for the way I treat some people and I probably deserve it. And I am still laughing about it today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Hair Cute

Wow I never really understood people when they talk about being super busy and I probably still don't but this week I have felt busy. Pretending that I know what I am doing when trying to teach the kids some stuff this summer makes me feel like I am always running around doing stuff. I am more used to the laid back do whatever we want life. Oh well I suppose. This weekend is to be spent in the north with family and my best friend Stephanie Rose, my how I miss her. Since her leaving, I feel like I have become a recluse. Sure I hang out with people sometimes but mostly I stay home and read and I prefer that. I am currently reading Gone With the Wind. What a fantastic book, I highly enjoy it. I only worry about the fact that I would rather be lost in the world of Georgie in the 1860's then in the real world. Civil War torn Atlanta is more appealing to me than going to dinner with friends. It is this that I wonder if I should feel concerned about myself. Yesterday I got my hair cut real short. I love it and its ability to have mow hawks. Its real crazy, just like my life feels lately.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And so It Continues

Friday I said goodbye to my best friend with a farewell lunch at 25 Main, our favorite little cafe' and our friend Joey owns it so it is always real fun to go there. After goodbyes, I made my way to Richfield to witness the graduation of my little brother Cody. Only 2 siblings left to graduate, I feel incredibly old but just kidding I don't at all. Friday night, there was a fight with me and my sisters. There was punching and pinching and yelling, and then crying, and then laughing. The next day I started my period. Hahaha being a girl is so beautiful. Saturday after a bridal shower for my cousin, I came back to St. George and the "Black Hole". The family that I nanny for, their last name is Black and jokingly they said "You can't get out of the Black Hole, then evil laugh." They are incredibly correct. I now have nightmares that involve me trying to scratch my way out of a big black hole and escape the slimy grip of three children and two adults. Finally just as I think I've made it out, their grip tightens and I'm reduced to saying "Fine I'll stay, now get your slimy hands off me." Last week, with the stress of moving and my best friend and I getting a divorce, I was a real crankzilla when the nice, good boy came to spend time with me. I thought for sure my cussing and saying mean things about every object in my house that I had to pack, would for sure scare him off. Unfortunately I was wrong and I have a date with him tonight. I am thinking that if I write "Hey I'm just not that into you" on a cake it would be a nice way to break it to him. But when Steph told her Ethan of the bad news is best received on a cake idea, he said that he would just throw the cake at me, but maybe I would like that. I like cake. I guess I'll just have to man up and tell him that I'm pregnant even though I'm not. That should scare him off, right? Hahaha just kidding, I would never do that . . . well, maybe. Sometimes I think I could be one of the worst people alive, but at least I make myself laugh.