Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Summer is upon us down here in the Dixie. It is hot and I love it. It does however make it hard for me to have any desire to be inside working. Alex (the 5 year old I watch) and I spend our time laying on the grass and riding bikes. Gee I hope my bosses don't realize that I am not getting anything done. They need a pool too or at least just easier access to a pool. I love to swim and I love the warm. I hear that it is going to be getting cold again this weekend and to that I say "peace out sucka's Steph and I are going to Vegas". Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is half way through already!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anyone up For a Good Old Fashion Bra Burning?

Yesterday I went to the Southern Utah Tea Party. Why? Because I don't approve of big government and big government spending. It was a really fun time. There was live music, free food, lots of signs, and a lot of people that are as bugged as I am with the government. Who knew that protesting could be so much fun? We should do it more often. If any of you start a protest for something, I am totally in. Well maybe, it depends on what you are protesting. Another thing, rock climbing boys from Indiana with adorable little accents and tattoos are so cute and I love them. Well I am infatuated with them but saying love is shorter and I know what I mean so whatev.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love is in the Air

I am in love. First I am in love with my roommates zebra print shirt that she lets me borrow.

Second I am in love with our new bikes that we got and have been riding around in circles like mad women. We even rode them to church on Sunday. Yep in skirts and everything.
Third I am in love with the fact that we had a note left on our bikes while at church that invited us to join their cruiser bike gang. Fourth I am in love with the fact that we already knew who it was and I have always been infatuated with this boy and how cool he is.
Fifth I am in love with the bike ride I went on with him and "his crew" as he calls them.
And 6th I love that he is taking my rock climbing today after work. I am just giddy like a school girl. He is just cool.

I am also in love with the picture of me and Steph riding off into the sunset on our bikes. And I love my beautiful roommate slash best friend forever and ever slash sister wife. I love spring and beautiful best friends and boys that are so cool. :) this is all I can do.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Sorry guys, gee I don't know where I have been but obviously not anywhere near blog world. To continue on with my story: After searching high and low for that Hawaiian dream boat, and after using all of my best poses, I decided to put finding a man aside and began hunting for that one special muumuu. This involved alot of walking and trying muumuu's on, something that I did not mind at all. I was looking for the muumuu that said yes I stay in the house all day and I'm proud of it, but one that I could also be somewhat ashamed but not be too ashamed to wear it to Larsen's Frostop when I get home. Lets start at the very beginning:

This muumuu was pretty and I thought you know if I spilled anything on it no one would be able to tell. It was the first one I looked at and I didn't want to settle too quickly. So I continued to shop around. This next muumuu was not enough muumuu for me. It was too pretty, very comfortable, but I'd actually wear in public without an ounce of shame and I was looking for just a little bit of embarrassment. Let's move on.

This muumuu with the purple flowers, I fell in love with it. The fabric was fantastic, it was too short, all the old ladies in Hawaii wear ones like this. I was in muumuu heaven, but it was almost 60 dollars. Way way too much for a muumuu. Then at Walmart, I found these. They are perfect, and they're see through. Exactly what I wanted so I purchased 2, and Steph and I wore them to the Frostop as soon as I got home.

After finding THE muumuu's, I was so happy I forgot all about trying to find a man and just enjoyed myself. Enjoy the pictures of me enjoying myself. I also apologize for anyone that may have wanted to see real pictures of Hawaii. I am only good at taking pictures of myself. I can get some real pictures of Hawaii upon request for anyone that is desperate to see my second home.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let the Search Begin

I am looking for a Hawaiian love and the Muumuu that sets my heart on fire. Every journey begins with a single step, and mine started with me as a pack mule for the nanny family. Kids have a lot of stuff. Man boss decided it would be good for all the kids to have their own activity bags, in the form of back packs that are heavy with pillows and blankets and books. The children are then supposed to carry these bags all through the airport and 2 connections we need to make. Children are weak and they're babies. I knew this would happen, which is why I protested the back packs and I lost. I really lost, but I was on the way to Hawaii so whatever.

After a very long long day, we finally arrive in Kauai and the relaxing/ finding a man begins. The next day, bosses stop at Costco to some grocery shopping while the kids and I wait in the car. I think perfect, I will work on my tan and also try to snag some attention from the locals. So I chose to go with this pose. It says Hey I'm here, I'm relaxed, I know how to be Hawaiian. The only attention this yielded was from the local high school boy gathering carts in the parking lot. And the only reason it got his attention was because I had to ask him to take this picture.

I thought ok I have got to step this up a notch, and put my shoes back on cause this ground is hot. So I did this:

I think it says hey I'm here and I'm fun, but again nothing. Time to break out the skin. My thought was hey I've got a swim suit on, I'll just pull my shirt up to my swim suit top and my stomach will be getting some tan. This did not work either, and laying on the seat weird like that resulted in some bruises in weird places.

Then bosses got back and it was time to hit the road. Better luck next time. Maybe the beach will be better. More to choose from than a costco parking lot.

Then again maybe not. Oh I know I'll look on a spouting horn.

Nope and the water's too low, the horn isn't even spouting.
AHA Finally Boys! Surfing boys.

Good thing I always look my best when I am at the beach.

Too bad the surfing boys were too busy surfing to notice me, but at least I got to see some boys and that made me feel like this:

The rest of the story will be continued another time, sorry time to get to work a little bit.