Sunday, August 19, 2012

God's Grace

No one knows how to make God sound like a rock star more than Joel Osteen. Occasionally, I find myself enjoying his programming and listening to him proclaim things like "Our God is far out!" Through time and strife, I have come to appreciate Joel and his insight. Especially when he says things like "You are heavy laden,not with burdens. Not with troubles, but with God's grace. You are heavy laden with God's favor.You only have to give God permission to flood you with blessings." This statement reminded me of another unexpected source of insight, Creflo Dollar. Weird right. But I once heard him say to his congregation "God's grace is already there. Forgiveness is done. All it is for you to do is to take ownership of what God has already done." This I know, God is limitless. The atonement is already done, which means healing is done, forgiveness is done, love is already there and available. By not accepting the blessings, love and healing that is already made for us, we are limiting God. By not owning the things provided us, we are denying the love God gave us through His son. I find myself doing this very thing in many areas of my life. In the words of Joel Osteen "You walk in God's grace. You are showered with His favor. Why do you deny Him the great pleasure of blessing you with greatness?"

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bread Brain

For almost a whole month, my work has been on hiatus. This has made me very very bored. After a few out of boredom melt downs, I made bread. And have been making bread. Lots of bread. Sometimes the man even makes bread. We have gone from eating no bread at all to 2 loaves a week. What a joy. My mouth is watering just waiting for the fresh loaves to get out in about 2 minutes. But really, is there anything better than fresh baked bread smothered in home made jam? Oh that's right, we made jam too. Just call me Laura Ingles.