Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it really Worth it?

I am lactose intolerant, have been since I was 5. I am currently OBSESSED with ice cream. I eat at least 2 bowls a day for like the last week and a half. This is bad for me. Not only does it give me a terrible stomach ache, I am also going to gain weight I bet. Why can't I stop? Why am I all of a sudden craving its cold creamy goodness always? Is it really worth the painful stomach cramps and numerous trips to the restroom? I submit that the answer is YES! I love ice cream. Everything about it and that comes with it. The brain freezes, the stomach aches, the numb frozen lips, every different topping you can put on it, I love it all. I care not about what ice cream does to my body, it only matters what it does to my spirits which is makes them soar to the highest of heights. I have just at this moment decided to think of a song or poem or something of the sort titled Ode to Ice Cream. I'll post it as soon as its finished, but first I need to go to the restroom. Hahahahaha and I only wish I was kidding.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eph the Government

So I am trying to go back to school so I can be smart and be like everyone else. Today I found out that I have an academic hold so I can't register for classes til I talk to a counselor and because my last name starts with a W I get to meet with the worst one of all. Mr. Z, incredibly nice man, incredibly bad at counselling. Five years ago, while I was working at the registrars office, I got to know Mr. Z and all of his mistakes. Student after student came to me with problems and I would be like well how did that happen and they would say oh Mr. Z helped me. Ha and then comes the matter of paying for it. I was going to try to pay for it all my own but recent developments have made that not possible and that's fine. The problem is my parents and I make too much money for grants so all that I qualify for are loans. To be very blunt, loans sound like a suck butt deal. If the ephing government can give 5 million dollars to save a fish in California I think they could give me a couple thousand to go to school. Not that I agree with mooching off the government but sometimes you just have to play their games. Darn it! If only my parents were divorced or I was a single mother. Well hey there's an idea. Single mom's get to cash in on everything. OK see you guys, I have something I've got to go do. Just kidding . . . well kind of.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SO Whats been happening?

Whats going on Shauntae? Oh you know the usual, finding out I have asthma, going camping, have a handful of small break downs and one large one, and a whole lot of fun. That's about it. Being mildly asthmatic is not that fun and after not even a week I got sick of taking the inhaler and stopped. Camping with my family was a blast and I wish I could be a mountain woman. Cramps and crying are a dangerous combination and one that has been haunting my life for the last week. But life is good and I shouldn't complain.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ridiculously Happy

These things make me absolutely ridiculously happy. Funny Face is one of my all time favorite movies. I love Audrey and Fred and I love them together. Also I love Perry Como and one time my grandma gave me an autographed picture of him. Really these things make me smile til I am giddy and silly. I hope you enjoy. I tried to embed them but I couldn't so here are some links.

This is for some Perry Como:

AND here is for some Audrey and Funny Face:

You must have been a beautiful baby cause I love your funny face. I am incredibly cheesy and I really believe I was born in the wrong decade.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Happy 4th everyone. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday for a list of reasons. And here is that list:

1: I LOVE our country. We are so blessed.
2: I LOVE fireworks. Really there is not a whole lot that is better than fireworks.
3: Red, white, and blue. Those colors look so good together and on every individual.
4: Face painting, carnival games, BBQ's.
5: It is in the summer and summer is my favorite season.
6: Swimming and sun tan lines. I always go swimming on the 4th.
7: Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and water melon. Now I don't actually like water melon but it goes with the 4th and summer so I like the idea of it.
8: Everything. I love everything about the 4th of July.

This year is sounding like its going to be extra fantastic. It will start with the city pool and the best Hydro tube in town then the world famous Gunlock rodeo. Then early Saturday a flag ceremony, followed with some patriotic Tea Party attending and then more hydro tubing. Later that evening food will be enjoyed and some country singing at the Sun Bowl. Woot Woot! Then END the day with sun kissed cheeks and as many fireworks as I can handle. Happy Independence Day Everyone! We live in the greatest country on the planet.