Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Time Snooze

I have got the summer time blues or what I like to call the summer time snooze. I'll explain: It is summer time, normally summer is my time. I am never unhappy in the summer. How could I be? I mean the sun is hot, the lemonade cold, and the fun never ends. Only this year, the fun seems to have ended. All I do now is think about Nazi Germany, technical writing, and dumb psychology 1010. The only ray of sunshine in my week is public speaking, who would have thought? I only like it because it requires little to no prep work. So, summer school has got me in the dumps, but why call it summer time snooze? Because those dumps translate to me being a lump...on the bed, or couch, or ground...sleeping in an effort to avoid Nazi fascism. I firmly believe in the "come all ye who are heavy laden and I will give thee rest" thing. I only wish it said "come all thee who are heavy laden with summer school and I will take that test." I just need to remember that in 5 more weeks, I will be 12 credits closer to being done, AND only have 12 credits left of my college career. Lord help me get through the summer though.

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